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3 Top Tips For Selecting a Debt Management Program


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If you take a census and ask people what they would like to change about their personal lives, most would say they would like to clear their debts. However, if you ask that same cross-section of people what methods they would use to achieve this, very few would be able to answer. Before you can seriously consider reducing your debts, you need to know how to select a good debt management program.

With so much information being freely available, many have great success developing their own debt management program. However, to others it seems far too complex a task to contemplate. If you are one of those people then it is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone. So, where do you go for help? Well, there are many companies around that will develop a debt management program for you; but with so many companies around offering a wide variety of debt management programs - how do you know which one to choose?

Firstly, you need to define some criteria for your debt management program. Using these criteria you need should make an assessment and a clear decision on whether the company can really help your debt situation or whether they are more interested in furthering their own objectives. Some simple guidelines to assist you in selecting a debt management program are covered below.

Tip #1 – Avoid Generic Solutions

There are many companies offering what they promote as being the complete debt management program that is ideal for your needs. Of course, they are in business and as such they will pass on this valuable information - but for a fee. However, you should consider these offers very seriously before parting with any money. Remember that the “one-size-fits-all" formula of debt management program does not exist and an effective debt management program should be tailored to match your individual requirements.

Tip #2 – Seek Out Professionals

An effective debt management program is only going to be prepared by reputable companies who are experienced in their field. The debt management program they offer should have been developed by experts specifically for you as we mentioned in Tip #1 above. Before you part with any money for a debt management program, be sure to get assurances that the program will really help you manage your unique financial situation and does not contain solutions to a set of generic problems - some of which may not even apply to your individual circumstances.

So, if you now know to avoid these generic solutions, where do you go for advice in your quest for a credible debt management program. Fortunately, there is reliable help out there. A short time searching the internet or looking through the phone book will show you that there are plenty of debt management companies out there who offer the services of professionals. The professionals that these companies employ will sit with you and importantly they will listen just as much as they talk about your particular and unique set of circumstances. Only then will offer their expert advice on what type of debt management program matches your particular conditions. These are the companies you should seek out and assess.

Even armed with this knowledge, you should still be aware that there are debt management companies out there that will offer an inferior or ineffective service and will not provide the debt management program you need. Always keep at the front of your mind that you need assistance in managing your finances not yet another drain on your cash with no improvement in your financial situation.

Tip #3 – Set A Realistic Timescale

If you have debt problems you have to be realistic in how long it is going to take to solve them. There is not going to be an overnight solution and to solve debt problems will take time. You will need to consider the long term aspects of your debt management program to work. That said, you should discuss some short term benefits and goals with your debt management professional. It is just as important to be able to see the results of your debt management program as this will keep you motivated in what will certainly be a difficult time and demanding of your self-discipline. Be under no illusion; it will take determination on your part and, as I said, a quick-fix debt management program will not benefit you.

So, by way of a summary, a good debt management program should be what is best for you not the debt management company you have chosen. Sure, they are in business so their advice will not be free and you could reasonably expect to pay for good advice. However, do not pay too much as you want to solve your debt problems, not make them worse. A good debt management program should be developed specifically for you and only after analysis of your own unique situation.

Those are just some of the ways by which you can assess a debt management program. Do not be rushed and read all the boring small-print. It could save you more troubles going forward. If you have trouble understanding the legal and financial jargon then seek further, independent and often free help.

Lance Bolton is a frequent writer on personal finances and has a number of internet sites dedicated to helping people with this and other credit and debt management problems. He has written a number of books and many articles on debt, loans, credit cards and associated topics. He has a free Newsletter with his Top Ten Debt Management Tips available from


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Debt Management - 3 Tips for Better Debt Management and Financial Success
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