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Secured credit cards are the perfect option for someone with a poor credit rating. A secured credit card is obtained when you deposit a stipulated amount of money with the company that issues the card. That deposit ensures the company that you will never fail to pay them for your purchases.

The New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa/MasterCard is the ultimate credit card for individuals with less than perfect credit who are unable to get a traditional credit card at this time. f you are someone that doesn’t have a very good credit history but are looking for the convenience and ease of a credit card, you may want to consider the New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa.

secured credit cards do not have any additional perks or benefits; however, this card does provide several benefits including auto rental insurance, up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance, and an extended warranty for purchases. Perhaps the best benefit is the free companion airline ticket, which is awarded to the card holder after they have been approved for the card.

In addition to these terrific card holder benefits, your New Millennium Bank Platinum card entitles you to a no-cost membership with, which provides you with even more travel related services and perks. You’ll receive a $69 rebate when you book a condo through the club using your New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa or Master Card, and discounts up to 50-70% off on a variety of other travel related services. The club is only available to platinum card holders.

Although the APR applied to purchases is above average for a secured card, this card does apply interest to the deposit amount required to secure the account, which is a nice benefit. This card also has a no credit check and a no turn-down policy.

There is an annual fee of $59, which is slightly above average for a secured card, as well as a one time processing fee of $99.95 ($129.95 if the applicant would like to be issued both a Visa® and a Master Card®).


* Get Approved for Up To $10,000 in Secured Credit with No Credit Check

* Free Companion Airfare

* Guaranteed Issue

* Credit Amount Equals the Deposit

* Membership in TheWorldsBestTravelClub. Com, which Offers Cardholders a $69 Cash Rebate on Their First Condo Booking

* Complimentary Online Services for Account Management and Payments

* Be Approved Regardless of Income or Credit History

* Reports to the 3 Major Credit Bureaus.

madiha writes for a directory of business credit cards from top issuers such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Advanta, Chase and CitiBusiness.


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Secured Credit Cards
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