Debt Solution – Be Careful When You Buy With A delayed Payment Plan

Bob Crane

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How often have you heard the advertisements promising you how easy it is for you to come in to the store and buy the items advertised, such as, furniture and not have to pay a dime for two years. Then while you are in the store you decide to add several items that you weren’t intending to purchase, but because of the delayed payment plan it just seemed so easy to buy them.

Well, those delayed payment plans could definitely hurt your budget when they come due if you haven’t been preparing to pay them off on the due date. Most, if not all of the delayed payment plans have a very stiff penalty for not being paid in full on the agreed date. The cost of the seemingly inexpensive item that you bought a couple of years ago could triple in price or more. If you have to buy something on a delayed payment plan you have to set your budget up to be ready to pay-off that loan when it comes due to make it a truly good deal.

The best way to handle a delayed payment plan is to condition your mind to think about paying it off halfway before it is due. Modify your budget to put some money aside each week to pay towards the debt so you will be prepared when the halfway time arrives. If you haven’t saved quite enough to pay the debt off completely borrow from your bank to finish paying for it. Yes, you will have to pay interest on what you borrow from the bank but at least you won’t have to worry about the lump sum payment to pay the delayed payment in the event something happens to cause you to need money to pay for another need. If you take a home equity loan, if you are a homeowner, or a signature loan you will be able to pay those down with the money that you have set aside each week to pay off the delayed payment. That way you will stay ahead of the debt and it will less likely overwhelm your budget.

It is ultimately best if you don’t use a delayed payment plan in the first place. Just buy what you need at first and accumulate more as you save more money to buy more. It is not in your best interest to take on a lot of consumer debt at one time if you can avoid it. Especially if you are just starting out, you can’t depend on your employer or your job. Your employer could lay anyone off anytime so you have to be one step ahead of them and don’t over extend yourself with debt.

Bob Crane helps show people in debt how to grow their way out of debt by developing an alternate source of income. Sometimes when there is just too much month left when the money runs out you just have to have more money. Our system shows you how to make more money to help pay-off your debts until you are free of debt completely. Being debt-free is a feeling of freedom that is hard to put into words and I would never have been able to be debt-free without an alternate source of income. Check out our website to learn more, and to leave a message. For debt conquering ideas just click here . Contact Bob at


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