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Prepaid virtual debit cards and credit cards are great financial tools to keep you out from bad credit. Below are the reasons why you should definitely consider opting for virtual debit and credit cards.

1. A virtual debit/credit card has to be recharged before you start using them. Hence, you always know of the ceiling, above which you just cannot go. This is a commendable advantage because ordinary credit cards encourage you to spend money you do not have. Falling in this trap is devastating, because nothing is more enticing than false sense of reality.

2. You can control your spending habits with prepaid virtual debit cards. Debit cards directly debits the money from your account, hence you can keep on spending until your entire bank account extinguishes. In case of prepaid virtual debit cards, you need to first recharge your card with a specified amount and then use it. Your debit card is functional as long as there is money left. Hence, your spending is somewhat limited.

3. A prepaid virtual debit card is the best way to pay contractors. You can simply recharge a debit card with the sum that the contractor owes and hand over the card to him. In this way, you not only get rid of personally visiting him to make the payments, but also minimize the risk of making an inappropriate account transfer.

4. The greatest beneficiaries of prepaid virtual debit and credit cards are those who do not have a bank account, or are not qualified for having a bank account. As per current statistics, over 10 million households in the alone in the United States alone do not have bank accounts. For them, prepaid virtual debit cards are the best ways to make online payments through the Internet.

5. Since prepaid virtual debit cards are not associated to any banks, they are easier to apply. You need not provide employment verification, credit checks, or security deposit of any kind. Even if you have a bad credit, you can have a virtual debit card. Interestingly, some prepaid debit cards have in-built credit reporting features, which you can use to rebuild your credit history.

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Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards
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