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When people need money, the best anyone can do is apply for a loan. However, in certain cases when it is permitted, the person can also apply for a government grant.

What is a grant? This is an amount of money given by the government to help those who are not financially stable. The basic rule to anyone who wishes to get it is that this should help the nation as a whole.

There are different types of grants available. To date, there are about 21 categories and these focus on child care, the disabled, housing and development and scholarships for people who want to receive education and training.

The big difference between a grant and a loan is that the individual does not have to pay the amount back. People are allowed to apply for each of the categories at the same time. The applicant should just look at the criteria to find out if one is eligible to avoid wasting time.

Since grants in all of the categories are limited due to budget constraints, a review panel will first review the merits of each applicant before the money is given.

There are different ways of applying for a grant.

- First, the person can go to the nearest federal agency that is responsible for the kind of grant that one is applying for.

- The second is for the individual to do everything online. Again, the right agency has to be contacted for this to work. The form can either be printed or filled up electronically and then sent back via email.

- The third is by getting the help of a non-profit organization.

Is there one way that is more effective than the other? The answer is no. Although the second and third are much faster, this still boils down to necessity of the grant.

The person does not have to pay for anything because the forms that need to be filled up are free. It is advisable for the individual to remember the CDFA number or the funding opportunity number in order to find out the status of the application.

Aside from the application form, another requirement needed by the government is individual's proposal. Those in charge would like to know the purpose of such a grant, how much money will be needed and how long the project will take place.

In the end, the government would like to see the results of the project because after all, this money came from the taxpayers.

The government has a responsibility to the people. After all, most of those in public office were elected and not nominated for such posts.

If people would like to know more about government grants and the requirements, the person should go online or get a brochure. This will help determine what kind of grant that the individual is eligible for.

The United States government gives approximately $350 billion in grants annually. Although the entire amount looks huge, the slice of the cake gets smaller because the competition is intense.

This is the reason that some apply for several at once while others reapply again the following year in the hopes that someone will take notice of the idea and give the money to make that dream into a reality.

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