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For over three hundred years, our personal needs have continued to show change. In the early days, our main needs were that of food, shelter, and clothing. To have these very basics was seen as a quality lifestyle.

As time went by and humans became more evolved, our needs also covered such things as insurance, healthcare, holidays and the list goes on. People sought to control their own lives and their destiny by creating their own future.

With this evolvement comes a need for changes in the mindset of corporations. What worked in the past may not work now as people continue to make their own rules and behaviours in the marketplace.

Take a look at Ebay, one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Ebay generates a method through which buyers and sellers can meet their own aims. This happens because they listen and support the ever changing needs of its users. In this way, they build relationships of trust and commitment within their community of users.

Ebay appears to have recognised the importance of relationships. Adversarial behaviour that is only designed for profit has no place in the modern marketplace. These tactics have been replaced by a support network where the behaviours of all concerned are in alignment with the payer. This alignment leads to more profits and wealth distribution.

So, knowing all of this, how do we create wealth in the modern century?

Firstly, it is vital to remain aware of the current trends in the stock market and in the economy in order to make timely investments. It is easy to find this information by reading the newspapers and other publications related to finance and investment strategies. The internet is also a wonderful source of this information. This information may help you to recognise a good investment opportunity that you may otherwise miss out on.

Of course, how you manage your current funds can also impact on your creation of wealth. Your spending habits may need changes made so that you are able to invest your current funds to earn dividends, thus making you wealthier over time. In the current trend, assets are more evenly distributed. The consumer has become the source of value and our wealth and wellbeing has become of great importance to them. Their yearnings are what now drive the marketplace and therefore, the creation of wealth.

This can only be done when there is a bond of trust and commitment signifies a relationship between the vendor and the consumer and this leads to distributed assets. People and information are the important factors in achieving this relationship and leading us away from the old form of capitalism where the profits went to the managerial few to a new and fairer form of capitalism in the form of distributed assets.

Basically, if you want to create wealth and therefore, create your own future, you need to understand money and how it can work to earn money for you. You don’t need to have a fortune in order to make more money or to accumulate wealth. What you do need is self discipline and consistency with your savings and your investments. This does not mean having to deny yourself of all of the creature comforts. Just adopt some simple measures to save money and become rich over a period of time. There are many get-rich-quick schemes around but sticking to the tried and true is more likely to get you the wealth you desire in the long term.

Annabelle is the owner of and has been involved in internet marketing for several years. She is both a mother and a doting grandmother. She has a wide variety of interests and loves to write.


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How to Create Wealth by Becoming Your Own Banker
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