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Student Loan Repayment Simplified with NextStudent's Federal Consolidation


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Are you getting ready to graduate? Well, along with college graduation comes the much-dreaded student loan repayment. If you were lucky enough to qualify for subsidized student loans, the government has been paying the interest on your student loans through school; if you had to take out unsubsidized student loans, your interest has been accruing. Either way, six months after graduation your grace period ends and it is time for you to begin repaying your student loans.

NextStudent, a leading Phoenix-based education funding company, recommends that you start shopping around for student loan consolidation loans as soon as possible. Student loan consolidation is a great way to manage your monthly student loan payments. Not only will you lock into one loan at one fixed interest rate, it also is possible to reduce monthly payments by up to 60 percent and eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple payments to different lenders.

Do Your Research before Selecting a Student Loan Consolidation Lender

Frequently, college financial aid offices offer students a list of Preferred Lenders for all of their financial needs, from Stafford loans to student loan consolidation loans. However, students are not required to work with the lenders on those lists and instead should shop for a company that best suits their needs.

Just like every student is different, every lending company has its own character, ethical standards and quality controls. Borrowers should be selective and choose their lender carefully, making sure to consider and compare the reputation and integrity of the company, level of customer service provided, and the individual student loan consolidation incentives offered.

NextStudent’s LOCKED Discount

The federal government sets the base interest rate on all student loans, including student loan consolidation. The only true differences the consolidation loan lenders provide are the incentives offered by each company. For example, in an effort to extend significant savings to borrowers, NextStudent offers a 1 percent LOCKED interest rate discount after 36 consecutive on-time payments, which borrowers retain for the life of their student loan, while other lenders may revoke their benefits for a single late payment. NextStudent also is committed to providing outstanding customer service and the best incentives in the industry.

Some of NextStudent’s Federal Consolidation Loan Benefit Packages:

Package #1

  • 1 percent LOCKED interest rate reduction after 36 on-time payments
  • .25 percent interest rate discount for Auto-Debit payments
Package #2

  • 2 percent interest rate reduction after 36 on-time payments (not locked)
  • .25 percent interest rate discount for Auto-Debit payments

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding simple. Learn more about Student Loans, Private Student Loans and Student Loan Consolidation at


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An Introduction to Consolidation Direct Federal Student Loan
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