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In our era of consumerism and “spend-all" society, it is difficult to imagine how it is even possible to save your way to success, not considering how difficult it may be to save anything at all! From the time we are little kids, babies even, we are bombarded with ads and the mind-set of spend, buy, consume, and buy some more and acquire a load of debt so you can buy even more. We have lost the poignant fact of spending less equals more. If we learn how to change our mindset from consume and spend to save and grow, we will be able to use saving as the foundation to our financial success.

How can we begin to change our mindset from “spender" to “saver?"

1. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. If we stop buying the new clothes, new furniture, eating at the new restaurants, seeing all the latest movies, concerts and theatre, buying the latest tech gadget or a new car, we will be able save a tremendous amount of money.

2. Stop living the rat race. When we slow down, just a little bit, we have a tremendous relief of stress, more time, and enjoy life more. This translates in more time to cook at home, or make a sack lunch versus eating out. We have more time to contemplate our purchases, whether it is something small or large. We will also probably worry less about finances and will be able to concentrate more on how we can increase our financial situation.

3. Work on eliminating all consumer debt. Many of us try to use debt to grow our way to financial success. Some debt is good, such as for a house, investment property, business, but consumer debt is a severe detriment to your reaching your financial success.

4. Study your lifestyle and change it accordingly. Our spending habits are a reaction to our daily habits and our personality.

5. Stop believing the misconception you are saving money when you buy something on sale! You are not saving money, you are spending money. You may be buying the item at a reduced price, but you are still spending money to have yet another shirt in your closet, another trinket in your home, a cup of coffee, or the latest tech gadget. You are financially worse off because you now have less money in your pocket.

6. Start saving money. Start paying yourself FIRST before you use your income for anything else. Pay yourself first. Don't give your money away to anyone else before you give yourself some. Start with only $20 a week, or $10 a week, but start, and do it every week. You will grow the habit of saving money, of paying yourself first, and begin to turn yourself into a saver.

If you have always found it difficult to save money, maybe you need to first look at your own mindset. Are you a “saver" or a “spender? And begin adjusting how you live from there.

Justin P. Ertelt is the author of Saving Your Way to Success, and owner of , helping others learn the importance of saving money and financial planning, and helping others achieve financial success. To learn more visit .


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