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Mortgage Debt Elimination - How to Save From High Mortgage Interest Rate


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Mortgage debt elimination, this is the word that rings a bell in many of the home owners out there. Ever imagined paying off your mortgage in one go when you strike a first prize lottery or the day you inherited a lump sum of cash from a deceased old woman down the street whom you always say good morning to? Reality says this is not going to happen nor is there any magical formula that will pay off your mortgage the next day.

Well, if you’re still reading after the first paragraph, there are actually ways that would make you better off by lightening your mortgage debt.

First off, one of the most commonly adopted methods is to increase your monthly mortgage repayment. By increasing your monthly repayment rates, you are effectively shortening the duration of your repayment period.

I’m sure most of the homeowners out there would realize that by the end of their repayment period, they would have paid off more than the value of the house itself. This addition of payments would namely be known as interest rates. By shortening your repayment period, you are effectively decreasing the amount of interest rates you pay.

A quick illustration says that if you pay an extra $100 per month for a $120,000 (30 years @ 9%) mortgage, you would be looking for a saving of approximately $80,000 after the end of your repayment.

It should be noted that there are shortcomings in increasing your mortgage repayment rates. For example, the extra $100 per month could have been invested elsewhere that would potentially generate more than $80,000 under the same period of time.

However imagine this; if you are someone constantly being tempted to stick your hand into the piggy bank, increasing your repayment rates would be a wiser option as there is a good chance of you blowing away your investment/savings before the compounding of interest rate takes effect.

Secondly, this seems like a rather old suggestion but if you cannot afford more than 20% down payment, you should rethink the value of your house. The reason is because for a less than 20% down, you will be required to pay for additional insurance which is known as mortgage insurance. Unlike a life insurance, the mortgage insurance is there to protect the better interest of the bank because it covers only the mortgage.

Life insurance basically covers you because in case unpredicted fate takes place in your life, the compensation would be able to cover your mortgage and your life whereas mortgage insurance basically covers only, the mortgage.

Last but not least, consider this when you are taking your mortgage. If you are a wise money saver (or we call them penny pincher in some cases) and if this is within your means, take a shorter repayment period. In the short term, it may seem you are paying more compared to other homeowners.

However consider this, your mortgage is spread across for 15 years as compare to 30 years and effectively, although you are paying an extra say $100 per month, the savings from interest rate paid for a 30 years mortgage will not even come close to what you have saved from a 15 year mortgage. Additionally, the plus is you get a peace of mind and security knowing you have paid off your mortgage earlier.

Think about this, buying a house is one of life’s biggest purchase. If you think you are not ready, take a little time off for reconsideration as the decision you make today would affect you for years to come.

Are you prevented from being able to eliminate or cancel your debt through filing bankruptcy? If so, find out more on how you can save yourself with Paul’s essential debt elimination resource website at


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