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The first thought that comes to one’s mind when you think about a brand new year is ‘new year’s resolutions’. A new year is like a ray of light that brings in hope and motivation. We endeavor to make every aspect of our life better and satiable be it good health or better relationships or buying new property etc. New Year’s resolutions can be as trivial as abstaining from alcohol to something as significant as managing finances efficiently, etc. It depends on each one’s perseverance so that the resolutions are not left unfulfilled.

Consider the resolution to manage finances efficiently. This will be possible only if you enter a new year debt-free. With credit cards replacing the need to carry cash in your wallets, the harsh reality of debts hits us knavishly. The abuse of credit cards is very common nowadays as every restaurant, retail store and even grocery stores accept card payment.

Be it the flat screen LCD TV in our living room or a vacation on an exotic island or an exquisite jewellery set, it all seems very easy, economical and fast with the use of credit cards. It is only when the credit card statements arrive at our door steps after a few months, do we realize that probably we have over used the ‘plastic’ in our wallets.

We do not think while spending. It does not seem detrimental initially because we just have to make a small payment every month, and we can afford all luxuries at the flick of a credit a card. But when the credit card statements become due over a next few months, we are hit by the cold reality of our expenditures from the previous year. With such debt clouds hovering above our heads, a resolution such as efficient management of finances cannot be actualized.

But as said that every cloud has a silver lining, consumers can now rejoice that these debt-clouds can be abandoned. Beyond these debt- clouds is a debt-free heaven, a chance to put the past behind us and look ahead to the future. It is called Debt Elimination. Considering the fact that insolvency is not a factor any more, consumers are discovering that debt elimination is the finest alternative. The scheme is valid for all the major credit cards and signature loans which are not guaranteed.

Although many people are yet uncertain about the existence of this debt relief heaven, it does exist. The process that is used to eliminate debt is based on the U. S. Supreme Courts decisions, Title 15 United State Code (USC), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and numerous Banking and Lending laws. Without bankruptcy and without spending those annoying refinancing fees, debt elimination is certainly the best option to credit counseling, debt consolidation, etc.

William Gallas is the founder of http://loandeals.debtrelief2000.info ; a website specialized on debt management , resources and articles. More info on debt management - debt destroy at: debt destroy .


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Debt Management Can Be Magic Solution for 2007
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