Why Your Best Friend Might Be Your Financial Calculator


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Some of the online banks (for example the U. S. Bank) have these personalized forms where the applicant can determine on the spot their financial management. The client can set up a budget scheme or look at a variety of loan payment options. For example, if the customer wants a credit for a car, after deciding in picking a car, he can find the limit of his credit by entering information like the annual income, the desired monthly payment, the interest rate, the term of the credit (in months), taxes and fees.

The monthly payment can also be easily determined by another e-form where the customer has to fill the loan amount, the rate and the term.

It must be specified that the bank allows longer terms for new cars, for up to 72 months, and shorter up to 36 months for 10 years old cars. Another form helps the client to find out which type of credit is more interesting for buying the car. Because the home equity loan has sometimes lower interest rates than auto loans and the interest may be tax deductible, he should fill this form and find out which credit to apply for.

For the car credit example, there are two more forms. One of them tells the customer the impact of the term on the monthly payment and the amount of interest he has to pay. The other one informs the client on how much he can save with the car insurance. By using these powerful financial tools you will find all you need to help you plan your financial goals.

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