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Forex Trading Profits – A Forex Trading Method for Huge Gains


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The logic of this forex trading methodology is simple, can be understood by anyone and applied for big forex trading profits.

If you use this forex trading system, you will have the potential to catch the big trends that make the big profits.

Let’s take a look at the logic of this method and why it works.

We have all heard this phrase as an accepted wisdom:

“Buy low sell high”

The real way to make forex profits however is to:

“Buy high and sell higher”

Trading this way you will have bigger profits and less risk. Let’s see why.

If you want to “buy low and sell high” you have problem:

You have to PREDICT where a market is going to bottom and this is hard as the old investment saying goes:

“If you are a bottom picker you will soon become a cotton picker”

Trying to pick a bottom in a leveraged market such as forex will make you poor! Consider this:

A currency suddenly breaks its highs and accelerates away.

Investors who want to “buy low and sell high” sit and watch it they will wait for the market to pullback and get in at a cheaper price.

but the pullback never comes, the market simply goes higher and these traders never get on board. FACT:

Most of the big trending moves in any market start from new market highs.

It’s hard to buy a breakout as you know you have missed a slice of the potential profit, but if you grit your teeth and accept this you will in most instances be rewarded with big profits.

You didn’t get the exact turn, but that’s impossible to do unless you’re lucky and your major aim is profit and breakouts give you high odds trades if significant resistance is broken.

You are acting on Confirmation

A breakout system does not try to predict a market bottom it gives you confirmation that the move is in progress, so remember the old saying:

“A trend in motion is more likely to continue than reverse”

If you are positioned to get in as the breakout occurs, your risk is low, and your rewards are high.

Many traders don’t can’t to do this, it’s to uncomfortable for them.

They think they are “chasing” the move, and wait for a pullback - it never comes, and they miss the big trends and profits.

Big Currency Trading Profits with breakouts!

Here we have looked at the concept, and why it’s successful, and you can see how uncomfortable it is to do - no one likes to miss a bit of the profit, but that’s exactly why it makes money.

Trade this method on important resistance levels longer term and you could soon be piling up big profits to.


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Forex Trading How to Start Making Profits in Forex Trading
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