How To Know Whether These Bad Credit Card Fix Claims are Scams

Nathalie Fiset

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There are so many bad credit card fix scams out there and you have to be up on your toes to know which is which because they all know how badly you should fix credit, especially if you are stuck in a rut and have a bad credit card history.

Everyday, companies approach consumers who have a bad credit rating. For a fee, they promise that they can clean up your records in order to finally apply for a home mortgage, car loan, jobs or insurance. Truth of the matter is, they cannot deliver their claims as they are mere scams.

Here are the red signs you should watch out for, if you do decide to respond to bad credit card fix services:

- they want you to pay for the services before they even render any kind of service.

- they do not inform you of your legal rights, as well as actions your can do yourself that do not have fees.

- they suggest that you do not contact a reporting credit card company directly - they recommend that you try a new credit identity. This is done by registering for an Employer Identification Number, instead of the required Social Security Number.

- they ask that you refute all the information on your credit card report.

Remember that once you commit fraud or follow advice that you know is illegal, you can be prosecuted for it; if you lie upon applying for a credit application or loan, give the wrong Social Security Number or get an Employer Identification Number under false terms, you can be prosecuted for fraud.

Companies that encourage these actions are obviously out there to rip you off. Truth is, no one can really eradicate your negative rating. As soon as you have a negative credit history, it will be hard for you to apply for car loans, home mortgages and job opportunities. That is the very reason why credit card companies encourage their clients to pay their bills in full and on time so that the debt won't pile up month after month. They are also advised to not spend more than they can possibly afford paying back.

But if you do find yourself in a bad credit card fix situation, you are required by law to request for an investigation or get information that can dispute any inaccuracy on the records. There is no charge. In fact, anything a so-called credit repair company claims they can do for you is something you can already do yourself. Why let others do it, when you can do it on your own for little or no cost?

As a consumer of a credit card company, you are entitled to a report just in case the company takes action against you. These adverse actions are denying your credit card application, as well as your applications for employments or insurance. This notice will provide you with the information: name, address and contact numbers of the reporting company.

You are entitled to get a free report each year, whether you be employed or not. If you are under welfare and if your credit report is not accurate due to fraud and identity theft, you can fix these with reporting companies. Reporting companies like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion require the credit card holder to provide them with copies of credit reports. These three companies have a central website, toll free phone numbers and mailing address where the credit hard holder can easily get his annual report for free.

As soon as you see a mistake on your bill, you can report these to the companies mentioned above. They are responsible for correcting the inaccuracy that is reflected on your credit statement. Make the most out of this by contacting your credit card service provider.

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