Personal Loan – A Detailed Analysis


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Taking loans has always been an intrinsic part of human lifestyle. Previously, loans were not as segregated as they are now. Gradually, as the demand for loans increased, the lending business expanded and the regulatory bodies streamlined the loan bazaar. Of all the available loan types, personal loan is the oldest and the most consistent type in the credit market. For years it has been the sole answer for all sorts of financial apprehensions – major, minor, long-term, short-term and convenience too.

At present, the broad categories of a personal loan are secured, unsecured and bad credit personal loan. For big or major monetary requirements, a secured personal loan is the most practical choice, as it ensures lowest possible interest rates, negotiable repayment terms and regulations. However, in order to obtain these benefits, one has to offer something valuable as security. Presence of collateral makes the agreement safe for the lender, i. e. , if the borrower fails to pay back the amount as decided then the lender gets the right to seize the pledged security to recover his money.

As the entire property evaluation method slows down the secured loan approval process, an unsecured personal loan is a better choice when the need is urgent or small. But, willingness to offer something valuable as security is the main deciding criteria. This option ensures that the borrower will get a loan without pledging anything as collateral, but at higher interest rates and non-negotiable repayment terms and regulations. Absence of collateral makes the agreement safe for the borrower, i. e. , if he does not pay back the amount as decided then the lender has to approach the law executing authorities to recover his money.

Irrespective of the loan choice, one must firstly borrow only the required amount and secondly should pay back in full. Backing of a strong credit record always helps in securing a loan. But, everybody is not fortunate to have one. People stuck in a bad credit situation require something that will help them to get out of the financial mess and improve their credit record for the future. That’s when the bad credit or high-risk personal loan comes into the picture. It is usually of a secured nature, but in worst cases an unsecured request may find an approval. As this is the riskiest of all, the regulatory system allows lenders to charge high interest rates with strict repayment terms and regulations.

For those who need money in a real hurry, there are special payday loans too - probably the fastest and the easiest. This special category ensures that one gets the money into his checking account within 24 hours or less. Typically, the rate of interest is very high (around 30%) and the borrower has to pay it back within two weeks, else the rate of interest may increase further.

The target marketing approach of lenders has resulted in a surge of a variety of loan options at very competitive rates. But, the bottom line is that one must never rush and over borrow. Do credit shopping like any other shopping.

The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his Master in Business Administration and is currently assisting Go4ukloans as a finance specialist.

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