High Return Investment – With Low Risk with a Proven Track Record


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We all want high returns, but the fact is most high return investments will give you big losing periods or worse still, a wipe out of your cash.

Here we will look at a high return investment with a very low risk.

It can give the potential to make 30- 50% + per annum or more and downside is minimal.

Let’s look at the facts of this high return investment.

Here we will take a look at a property investment overseas that’s cheap, easy to do and allows you to leverage your cash in an area PROVEN to offer high returns and low risk.

This investment far cheaper and easier to do than you may think.

Costa Rica has been making solid gains for years for example:

A property in the town of Jaco purchased for $30,000 just 15 years ago, is worth as much as $750,000 today, but it gets better.

Not only do you have an appreciating asset you can also use it as holiday home or earn a great second income in the booming rental market.

An easy and cheap way to enter this market

Here we will look at the concept of leverage.

This simply means putting a deposit down BEFORE The property is built and making gains on the FULL Value.

Fact: Properties that are not yet built increase in value by the time the construction is complete.

To give an example of how buying before completion makes money consider the following:

You place a $40,000 deposit 20% down, on a $200,000 property and it takes 2 years to complete, at typical 20% per annum.

After two years the property can be sold for $300,000, giving a profit of $100,000 in just two years on a $40,000 down payment!

This is a high return, but what about the risk - The past maybe good but what about the future?

Buying from a realtor before build normally ensures a good location and Costa Rica property shows no signs of slowing growth rates.

The reason

Beach front property here is still 7O % less than in the southern USA. People are looking just a 3 hour direct flight south to own their own slice of paradise at affordable cost.

So the boom will continue as Americans in particular, look for affordable beach front property and cheap retirement destinations.

This high return investment has produced gains with low risk and the trend should remain the same.

Other advantages include:

Easy buying procedure, same rights as residents, low property tax, a tax efficient investment in one of the most stable and beautiful countries in the world.

Add up all the facts

Not only can you own a slice of paradise, it can also make you a lot of money and build long term wealth.

It’s easier and cheaper to do than most people imagine. If you are looking for a high return investment with low risk, check out the above in more detail.


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