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We all want low risk and high returns and the investment we will show you below gives you just that and is a great alternative investment to say mutual funds that offer mediocre returns and high risk.

This investment can achieve triple digit returns, is easy to understand, has low risk and is affordable. Let’s look at it.

Consider this fact:

It’s well known that properties that are not yet built increase in value by the time the construction is complete.

So, you buy as building commences and can sell when completed. Let’s look at an example that’s realistic and a place where it can be achieved.

Say you put down 20% on a property of $200,000 with a realtor – contractor, that’s $40,000. Now it takes 2 years to build and in that time the property increases by 20% per annum you have $300,000 in value or $100,000 profit on the property.

Now this is being done by people and is not only a high return but also a low risk investment.

We will show you why its low risk investment if done in the right area.

Let’s take Costa Rica as an example. It’s a favorite of American investors and buying is at record levels and the profits have been great for years.

For example, a property purchased for 30,000 near the popular town of Jaco just 15 years ago is worth in excess of $750,000 today and this growth has shown minimal downside in the period.


Because beach front property is cheap and up to 70% less than in the US and all Americans want affordable beach front property and they cant get it in the US.

So there looking just a 3 hour direct flight south to Costa Rica, its stable beautiful and has a great lifestyle.

With demand high buying pre construction property and making big profits with low risk is very popular.

How to do it

There are plenty of developments to choose from and you can do the investment easily and watch this low risk investment produce high returns.

It’s all about risk – reward

Where else can you get such high returns with low risk in an investment you can understand? Not many if any.

So if you want low risk and high return take a look at buying property pre construction and selling out at completion.

You can then leave high risk low performing investments like mutual funds behind and get better returns with low risk – It’s a great way to build wealth longer term.


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