Top 5 Consumers Demands for Home Equity Loans and Credit Lines


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Over the years of originating home equity loans, I have formulated some key theories about what consumers want and benefit from with their second mortgages. My theories are based on feed back from my clients, and noted observations over the last few years. With the real estate boom in the rear-view mirror, it is important to take a moment and consider the driving forces of home equity lending. Let us take a few moments and explore the core benefits of person taking out a secure loan with their home's equity.

1. Quicker Access to Cash: Bottom line, people want cash available when they need it, whether it for purchasing a car, a second home or refinancing their loans. This explains the increased popularity for home equity credit lines.

2. Consolidate Debt: American like to spend with credit, and credit card debt can hinder finances quickly. Fortunately homeowners have figured out how effective debt consolidation can be as demonstrated with many home equity loans. All too often I have seen people abuse credit and it gets them into trouble. No big screen TV is worth the headaches from over-extended debt.

3. Affordable Monthly Payments: Before recommending a specific home equity loan to my clients, I want to make sure that they can afford the payment liabilities for their new venture. I have learned how important it is for homeowners to set budget with and stick to it.

4. Tax Deductibility: Who wants to pay more taxed than they to. The US government clearly encourages and rewards homeownership. Deducting mortgage interest could be considered wide.

5. Interest Rate Bragging Rights: Everyone loves to talk interest rates at the water cooler or party. Some people stretch the truth regarding their interest rates, and some people flat out lie about their mortgages.

Brendon Daly is a credible home equity financing authority who has been helping consumers consolidate debt with secure home mortgages for many years. Today Brendon is a senior loan officer with BD Nationwide Mortgage Company in San Diego California. BD Nationwide offers premiere home equity loans for borrowers across the nation. We recommend spending some time browsing Mr. Daly's loan articles for more insight on second mortgage or go online to compare home equity loans and determine what interest rate you qualify for.


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