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The way that most people go about their lives you would swear that they are on a life mission to remain poor for all eternity. Seriously, you've heard about the proverbial thirsty horse and not being able to lead it to water. Well, there are a LOT of very thirsty people out there but they are going to die of that thirst before they ever discover the well that will sustain them. Pity.

Just in case you haven't heard of the FIVE easy steps to indentured slavery, poverty and a life of lost dreams and opportunity, here they are:

  • STEP 1 - DO NOT believe in yourself, your abilities and the fact that you are unique,
  • STEP 2 - DO NOT take action to improve yourself or your position in life,
  • STEP 3 - DO NOT seek advice from any reputable source,
  • STEP 4 - DO NOT educate yourself past the lowest point possible just to scrape by,
  • STEP 5 - DO NOT believe in the UNIVERSAL principles of wealth.

First, by never believing in yourself you will GUARANTEE for yourself a life of missed opportunity. This leads into the next step, which is inactivity. No action equals no result. This then becomes self-fulfilling. By not believing in yourself AND backing that up by doing nothing you will never grow. That lack of growth reinforces your self-opinion of unworthiness.

By not seeking advice from reputable sources you will ensure that no person who HAS developed their wealth potential and understands the way of money will be able to influence you. Your self doubt translates into garbage internal thoughts like: "It's OK for them but I could never do that. " And guess what? You will be 100% correct if that is how you think.

Wealthy people will never be able to “infect" your mind with solid, proven wealth principles. Your “woe-is-me" shield is too strong. Nothing will penetrate it. So, once again, you prove yourself correct.

Naturally, your repulsion of wealth information automatically extends to books and any other form of education. After all, authors and speakers only want YOUR money to make THEM richer. That is why YOU will never be fooled into reading anything or attending anything that has the potential to make you wealthier. You “know" even before opening the cover or sitting in the seat that it is all one giant con. These things are to be avoided at all cost. Yes, there is DEFINITELY a cost. But the real cost is one that you will never see.

Finally, you should have a complete disdain and mistrust of the UNIVERSAL principles of wealth. For you such principles do not exist. You have shut them out of your life forever.

Adhering strongly to these five easy steps will ENSURE that you will indeed achieve poverty in your own lifetime. You will successfully fail your way into it.

Now, IF you change your mind and come to the conclusion that you do not want to martyr yourself to a life of debt, struggle and denial then you now know, by default, exactly what you need to do. It's a big word “IF", isn't it?

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