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The Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a non-profit organization providing debt consolidation services and is one of the best consolidation solutions available. It offers far more than debt consolidation services, providing services such as financial and debt counseling, educational programs to improve money management skills and credit repair advice. Of course, counseling at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service is confidential and at no cost. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service is not like many of the debt consolidation agencies in the market today, as they adhere to a strict commitment to quality service, standards and education. It can help find the best solution to consolidate your debt and improve your debt situation.

The professionals at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service will analyze your financial information including your income, expenses, existing debt and general financial situation. By closely assessing your debt situation, they are able to determine the best debt consolidation solution to meet your needs and discuss the plan with you.

The Debt Management Program is one of the more common solutions recommended to clients. This program establishes an effective repayment plan with its goal to payoff your debt and repay creditors, thus avoiding debt collections, judgments, bankruptcy and even more damage to your credit rating. The program is more than a consolidation service with many creditors reducing or even eliminating the interest rate once the debtor enrolls in the program and begins the process. The counselor assisting you with the program negotiates with the creditors on your behalf to make payment arrangements and more feasible payment schedule. There is an enrollment fee of $10.00 as well as a $10.00 monthly fee.

However, Consumer Credit Counseling Services offers services beyond the Debt Management Program. It offers assistance with money management, debt reduction plans you handle, counseling and free educational programs. Everyone may receive debt consolidation advice from Consumer Credit Counseling Service as it seeks to give individuals the education and skills they need to reach a better financial situation.

Debt consolidation is not the can provide quick relief from high-interest debt, for example, credit cards which can have interest rates as high as 25%. It is important to assess your financial situation to determine if you consolidation is the best solution for you and if you will benefit from it. There are options other than professional debt consolidation services, but if debt consolidation is determined to be in your best interest, Consumer Credit Counseling Service can help.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Services Provide Debt Relief Help
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