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Are you looking for some REAL information about taxes when you're self employed, or have your own small business? Would you like to find Real tax help when you need it?

Even the most experienced small business person needs a little help when it's tax time. If you are self employed or own your own small business you must pay 15 percent tax on your net profit. Which means. . . After you have subtracted your total business expenses from your total business income you must pay 15 tax on the leftover amount.

In order to pay less tax we must find ways to lower the leftover amount. How can we do this? We can do this by finding and using tax deductions and tax credits to lower our leftover amount. With the right help you can learn to do this.

As a self employed small business person you are given an abundance of tax deduction and tax credit opportunities. The IRS wants us to succeed. When we succeed so does our economy, and the Federal Government knows that. The Federal Government has given us tax incentives to help us keep our businesses alive and healthy.

If you're self employed you might need help with other tax issues such as estimated quarterly payments, tax planning, tax questions and income tax forms. Learning to handle the tax aspects of your small business is crucial to your success. I myself have been self employed for 18 years and I love having my own small business. And I know that good tax planning and preparation is important to my success.

When you have a question or need help with your taxes, do like I do, and go to Turbo Tax Online. There you'll find a ton of Free tax help for self employed and small business people. From preparing your taxes, to filing, to planning,   to answers when you need them, TurboTax has it all. Before you prepare your taxes this year, try their Free Tax Estimator and see where you stand. It's made a difference for me!


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