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While on the look out for your dream homes, you might have come across the terms “equity" and “home equity loans. " Let us understand them.

What Is Equity?

Suppose the value of your home is $ 200,000 and the mortgage value is $50,000. So, the equity value of your home is $150,000. Thus, equity can be said as the difference between the value of your home and the mortgage balance.

The home equity loans have lower interest that is not subject to tax. Hence, it has become the most preferred option for the home buyers. People use home equity loans in case of big expenses like wedding, home renovations, and so on. However, you should be careful, as you put your home as a security. If you fail to pay it back, you may lose your home.

It is not advisable to take equity loans for paying off your credit card dues, if you cannot refrain from indulging in extravaganza, as it will lead to more debts.

Kinds of Home Equity Loans:

Home equity loans are of two kinds:

  • Traditional home equity loan or second mortgage
  • Home equity line of credit

    Under the first one, the bank provides a substantial amount of cash that you have to pay back over a period. Here, interest starts right on the day the bank gives you money.

    Under the second kind, the bank offers a credit card or a checkbook for purchases. This is collected against the equity of your home. Here, interest starts only after you make a purchase.

    Paying A Home Equity Loan:

    Home equity loans can be paid in many ways. Usually, people pay them by making regular payments under the interest as well as the principal. In some loans, you have the flexibility of paying only the interest initially. Then there are loans that give you an option of getting rid of the principal faster by paying some extra amount. However, it is better to check out this option with your lender, as there are some loans that fine you for paying ahead.

    How To Find A Home Equity Loan:

    It is wise to go to a bank that is different from the one that has your first mortgage. Always do some comparison before making the final decision in order to get the best interest rates and terms on the loan.

    Most of the home equity loans have different interest rates. Some of them come with a fixed interest rate while others have small introductory rates. Certain loans come with high closing costs and annual charges.

    Then there are loans featuring huge balloon payments whereas some have no balloon payments; however, they come with large monthly payments.

    Thus, finding the best home equity loan requires some effort, but it is rewarding at the end.

    You can save bundles of dollars by picking the best deal. So start searching…

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