Debt Consolidation Loans: Where Do I Find The Best Deals?


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There are many factors that you need to look for, in case, you are going for debt consolidation. There are many deals and good banks offering debt consolidations, how do we know which is the best one?

Pros And Cons

The pros and cons of debt consolidation, and the banks offering them, have to be gauged. Getting yourself involved in a wrong deal can be the biggest nightmare. But, if you strike a good deal by consolidating your accounts, you will be able to manage your finances well.

The debt consolidation programs were made mandatory only after the Federal Government announced them a few years ago. This was done, keeping in mind the customers who were looking for long-term loans to pay off their other accounts.

Considering Traditional Banks

The full service banks are commonly connected with the debt consolidation programs. It is the most convenient thing to receive the best deals in debt consolidation from the full service banks like: Citibank, Bank One, Chase, Fleet and Wells Fargo and many more. They offer services, which are more than just banking and credit facilities. These full service banks offer facilities like: savings and checking accounts, mortgage loans and cars loans and many others. The source of income for all these banks is from all these facilities. There are some other banks that deal only in credit card facilities like the Capital One, Providian, Discover, MBNA and many more.

Other Lenders

There are things like the debt consolidation programs and debt consolidation counseling. At times the balance transfers are seen as a way to avoid the consolidation counseling. Though debt consolidation loan is actually seen as a step before counseling. The banks, which are not full service banks, offer their customers, higher rates of interest even if they are involved in counseling.

On the other hand, full service banks provide very competitive and established rates that never change. This is the reason why most of the full service banks have an advantage over the other banks as far as debt consolidation is concerned.

The smaller banks that see customers transferring their balances with them, give them higher rates of interest. This makes the customers seek debt consolidation with the full service banks. There is one other reason, which brings many customers to the full service banks. That is the delinquent policy, which they adopt after the customer, enters the counseling program.

Delinquency Clauses

Delinquency is the last thing that should come into the mind of the customer. The customers under counseling programs for debt consolidation, who are with the full service banks like Citibank and Chase, are given some clemency. The customers involved in the counseling program, pay their creditors through the counseling service providers. The customers are exempted from getting off their program, even if they miss a payment for a month. They just need to pay the late charge on their account.

On the other hands if a customer misses more than two-three payments in a row, hisher interest rate shoots up to or more than 29.99%. This delinquency is kept at bay with the help of the debt consolidation counseling programs.

There are many benefits of debt consolidation . Either you get the debt consolidation done by the counselor, or you do that yourself. In case you are applying for a debt consolidation loan on your own, make sure you make the right choice

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