Credit Card Debt a Problem for College Students


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We often get into tight situations with credit card debt because we make bad decisions on purchases. When we see something that we like, for instance a new plasma television, our first instinct is often to whip out our credit card, and scan it on through. These bad debt management habits can wreak havoc on our lives in the future therefore we must do everything we can now to avoid these problems.

It’s probably hard; if you’re new to the credit world we live in, to understand the future effects it could have on you. However, when the end of the month comes around and you see that huge balance, you’ll understand fairly quickly. And if it doesn’t happen in the first month, and you continue your ways, it will definitely hit you smack in the face not too long after that. However you’re not the only one who gets themselves into this trouble.

People often have good intentions when they first apply for their card. You’re only going to use it in an emergency you tell yourself, but soon throwing a pizza on your card or a date’s dinner or movie bill becomes very easy and almost habitual.

It’s ashamed that in our country we have credit card companies who market to students fresh into college on nearly every campus. Who wouldn’t want a free t-shirt for filling out a form for a credit card? However, in our school system we rarely teach the fundamentals of debt management at all; nor do we teach budgeting or financial education at all. In the end, that free t-shirt often leads to bankruptcy after mountains of bills and much stress. It’s ashamed when a little education on the implications of debt will go along way.

Be responsible in your decisions with debt. Start out early and get a head of the game early on; this way when all of your friends are struggling to make ends meet, you’ll be building wealth for yourself.

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A Problem Called Credit Card Debt
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