The Budget Of Your Personal Values


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Statistics from the personal values assessment reveal an interesting fact that fits human behavior. It is all to do with the budget principle and the challenge to comply with this principles. We all know the reasons – we want too much and we are not always able to make choices.

The budget principles is simple. Everybody should know it but applying the rule in practice is quite complicated. There is a variation of this rule but they all come down to the same mechanism: you have the disposal of an amount of money (the budget) which puts a constraint on your spending. The budget is a result of some capacity that might involve a credit mechanism, but with or without credits, at one moment in time the budget is spend.

There is in fact nothing new about this rule and that’s why people are not even aware of it because it controls our daily life, without us noticing it. The same rule however reigns in other areas. And this is where a simple assessment comes in. For example one where you are to establish a profile of your personal values and their priority; which values are most, which ones are less, which are least important and finally which values are really insignificant in your life?

Statistics show that responders to the test do not balance their values. If we divide the values in two groups where the first ones are labeled as important (“most” and “less”) and the second ones as not important (“least: and “insignificant”) than 75 percent of the values turn out to be important and 25 percent are not. Such scores are incompatible with the choices in life; for example if you value “risks” you can not in the same time value “economic security” or “stability. ”

The test is very simple ( ). If you face tough choices in life you should probably become more conscious of your values or of the budget principle.

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Decision Making - Using Personal Values to Make Better Decisions
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