Home Equity Loans - Which One Is Right For You?


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When it comes to choosing which home equity loan is the best for you, ask yourself a few questions first.

-How are you going to use the money? What's it going towards?

-Are you wanting to money all at once?

-Are you needing flexibility in paying it back?

Once you have these answers you'll have three options in getting the equity from your home.

1. Home Equity Loan

If your interest rate on your home is already low, then refinancing probably won't be the route to take. In this case a home equity loan will be the better strategy.

It gives you access to a large sum of money at one time and you can use this money to pay off credit card debt, medical bills, or make home improvements to build further value.

2. Cash Out Refi

A cash out refinance is taking your current home mortgage and refinancing it into a new, larger loan, and taking the difference in cash. Why would you do this? If you're paying a higher interest rate on your existing mortgage and you can reduce this rate substantially with a new loan, then it only makes sense to take advantage of this option. A cash out refinance takes a little more time to complete and it has more fees involved, but the savings far outweigh any drawbacks.

3. Home Equity Line Of Credit

A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, works basically the same way as a credit card. You have a line of credit equal to the value of equity in your home. You can take cash from this credit line and use it for whatever you need.

You make payments that are flexible in that you can choose to make an interest only payment if you want. One of the bigger aspects to a home equity line of credit is that you can draw down your credit line, pay it back, and then do it again. This is unlike a loan in which you would have to refinance all over again.

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West Virginia Home Equity Loans - How Home Equity Loan Payments Work
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