Most Middle Class Americans Are Slaves!

Bill Young

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I know it sounds harsh, unrealistic. How could that be? We have cars, nice houses, computers, TIVO, etc.

Yes, but isn't it curious that 95% of us reaching retirement age are unable to retire, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? How is that we can end up with little to no money after “slaving" for 40 years?

Step back and take a look at your life through the lenses of someone just arriving from outer space. See how different your situation looks:

You work for The Man.

You are in debt to The Man

The Man owns most of your possessions

The Man controls your life

In the old days, as now; The Man fed, clothed and housed his slaves in return for their labor. Although you are no longer controlled by iron chains, you are now controlled by a pay check.

The Man pays you just enough to meet your basic necessities with a JOB, (Just Over Broke!) but you probably do not have enough pay to get ahead financially. It barely lasts from one pay day to the next.

Has your family been able to accumulate even $5,000 cash in the bank?

That means if you are of no more use to The Man or you displease him, you will be out of a job and financially ruined in a few short months, if you can't find another job. Starting to see what I mean?

Your wonderful lifestyle of eating out regularly, sending your children to good schools, going on vacation, wearing fine clothes, driving nice cars, etc. is dependent upon The Man. You really don't own most of those houses, cars, plasma TV's, etc that you think you do.

Don't believe it? Try not paying your real estate taxes, your credit card bills or other loans and you will see what I mean. If you really owned them, The Man could not take them away from you. He actually owns them.

You are in debt to The Man for nearly all of your possessions and the Bible agrees with my assessment of the situation. It says that the “debtor is the slave of the creditor!" By taxing you and keeping you in debt, He not only controls you, he basically sucks the very labor and life out of you, which is His goal.

The Man, in the form of taxes and debts, takes the lion's share of your income before you even get it. Sort of like a shell game; now you see it, now you don't. And you, like most slaves, accept your treatment as normal, Gross Pay and Net Pay, The Man calls it.

Did you realize that you, like the average American, typically have to work from 9AM to nearly 2 in the afternoon, just to make enough money to pay your taxes and your debts for that day?

Is your actual status of a slave becoming clearer now? Virtually everything you have or do is controlled by The Man because he controls your income.

EZ monthly payments bleed you and your family to death like so many paper cuts. He sucks up that blood, drop by drop, becoming fatter and fatter off you.

When you cannot work anymore, you are left to condemned to poverty, as are most non-working seniors. Did you know that it is estimated that 25% of the pet food in this country is consumed by seniors? Fancy Feast, anyone?

Have you noticed how many older people you are seeing working in fast food outlets, Wal-Marts, the super markets? Do you think they are there because they “like People?"

No, they are just like the old, tired and sick slaves you read about. They can no longer work in the fields and have no assets to fall back on to provide them with income, so they are fed scraps.

The ball is in your court, now that you know the game.

If you think you will enjoy retirement under the Golden Arches, you can decide to do nothing and keep heading for the scrap heap.

Or you can do something to change course and change your future by getting control of your life by legally slashing your taxes, eliminating your consumer debts and investing now to accumulate income producing assets, then and only then will you break your chains.

I know I have painted a disturbing picture of life for Americans here in the richest country in the world, but it is a realistic one; ask the next retired senior you see working at the mall, you will see what I mean.

Copyright 2006 Bill Young. Bill is a Financial Personal Trainer. He helps individuals and groups learn the Laws of Wealth and how to Quit the Rat Race in a few short years. He did it in 5 years. http://HowtoSolveYourMoneyProblems.Com


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