Debt Consolidation with Free Government Grants


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I'm sure you have seen a commercial or an ad promising free government grant money? The ads go on to claim that the money can be used for anything. Of course you have to buy their book or join a program to access the information. The say that the government and other organizations are begging to give away billions of dollars each year and it's easy to get. Are they actually giving money away for the asking? Well, that's not exactly how it works.

While it is a well known fact that there are a lot of government grants available. They are not just laying there for you to pick up. A large majority of grant money goes to furthering education. Grant money that is set aside for business is usually pretty specific in the type of business and goals of the business. These types of grants are generally very time consuming to even apply for. The range of qualifying businesses is also pretty limited. Some of this grant money is also set aside for established companies to have available.

As far as using this money for debt consolidation as some are claiming, there is very little chance of that happening. The federal government does offer assistance for consolidating student loans. This is possibly where the confusion first originated. This assistance comes in the form of low interest government loans for the specific purpose of consolidating any loans you received as a student.

If you would like to pursue getting a government grant or a consolidation loan it is very important to take the time to properly research any offer you come across. Some of these organizations that advertise grant information are running scams, and they're just out to take your money and run.

Others are legitimate in that they will provide information to you for your fee, but the information they provide is readily available elsewhere for free. The Internet is filled with tons of free information, you could easily find all the information you need in a short time. . . Continue


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Government Grants Can Help You Consolidate Debt
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