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Is it actually possible to take out a no fax payday loan in one hour? Quite frankly it is about as possible as lifting your arms up and down rapidly and beginning to fly.

If you have been searching on the Internet with search terms such as “no fax payday loan in one hour” you have probably noticed that each and every site that turns up after you do this search is still unable to process your request in less then 24 hours. This is because this promise to deliver a no fax payday loan in one hour is just an advertising line to lure people into their business.

First of all there is absolutely no payday business in the world that does not require you to send a voided check a voided check and identification by fax before they will process your loan. It is the law. They can't get around it. The only way that you could not use a fax is to simply visit the company in person and without using the fax provide them with your identification in person.

Even more ridiculous is the promise to provide you with your payday loan in one hour. Most of these payday loan companies guarantee the direct deposit of your payday loan into your checking account within 24 hours. money transfers to banks are standardized processes that are not made to go any faster or controlled in any way by the payday companies. There are simply no shortcuts. . In other words, no matter what payday loan place you choose to borrow your advance from, the amount of time that it takes for the money to be deposited into your account is always going to be the same.

You might marvel how these companies are allowed to advertise with a phrase like “no fax payday loan one hour” and the answer is simply that the industry is corrupt and that this type of misleading advertising is almost expected when it comes to this kind of money lender.

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no fax payday loan one hour

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