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If you were to truly follow the principles of christian debt counseling your first commandment would be to not get into debt in the first place. You would be advised to throw the money userers and lenders right out of your personal temple.

Of course in today's credit obsessed day and age this is not a good idea. Insisting on dealing with life on a cash only basis can cost you in all kinds of subtle ways and it is a big mistake to not build a credit history. The only way you can build credit is to use it. A complete lack of credit can cost you in terms of insurance costs, fees and rates as well as make it difficult for you to buy a home, rent an apartment or buy or rent a car.

If you do happen to get into debt christian debt counseling would try and work out a plan so that you can pay all of your debts in full. This means that you would not get the same kinds of breaks that you would if you just went to regular debt counseling. This is because a big part of Christian debt counseling is to recognize your moral and legal obligations to pay it all back.

If you decide to declare bankruptcy you are still not off the hook. Christians do not see bankruptcy as foregoing your responsibility to pay your creditor. Once again the question of moral obligation comes into the picture and you will be advised to pay off all your debts if you can.

There are plenty of devout christian counseling sites on the Internet that would be more than happy to avail you of their services to help you get out of debt. Some of them cost money to join and others are non-profit organizations just as is true of non-christian counseling sites.

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The Value of Christian Counseling Centers
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