Getting A Small Business Loan: Requisites For That Winning Smile!


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It is quite predictable that sooner or later most small businesses feel the need to get a loan. Many want a loan as a business startup while a few need it for their business expansion. Whether we approach a friend or a bank or any other financial institution, all lenders have some expectations before entering into a deal with the borrowers.

It is, therefore, quite important to stand up to the parameters of the lender's expectations. There are certain steps by which one can successfully fulfill these expectations. In order to understand the mindset of the lenders, it is very important for the borrower to place himself in the former’s shoes. As a lender, one would certainly like to have detailed information of his/her client's need for a loan and whether he or she would be able to repay the money within a stipulated time.

So, clients should approach any small business loan institution with full preparation. He or she should be able to produce the required documents that would persuade the lender of the necessity of the small business loan and provide assurance that the lender's money is not at risk. A business plan, cash flow projections, a statement of personal financial status, past business tax returns and a credit rating report are some of the necessary requisites needed to convince any lender to sanction a small business loan.

Having provided all the documents, the next step would be to win the confidence of the lender to sanction a small business loan. Proper answers to two questions namely, “What use are you going to put the money to?" and “Are you worth the risk?” would result in that winning smile that one longs for so much!

In answering the first question, the borrower is expected to explain his business plan in full detail and point out relevant financial statements, charts or graphs to convince the lender of the necessity of the loan. Answering the next question implies some deep reflection on part of the borrower to the credit risk that he/she presents to the lender. Besides, borrowers need to be prepared to inform their lenders of the collateral they possess. They are also expected to tell them the amount of their own money they are going to put into their business. This would allow the lenders to judge the borrower's commitment to his or her enterprise and assure them that their money is in responsible hands.

Last but not the least, a borrower should not hesitate to talk about himself/herself when approaching any small business loan institution. This would allow the lender to judge the inherent potential of their client. An efficient person can easily woo the hearts of the lenders and improve his chances of getting his loan sanctioned without much hassle. So it's highly important that a person should be ready to talk about his/her background, expertise and aspirations when applying for a small business loan.

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