Secured Auto Loan: The Second Home You've Always Wanted!


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For most of us, our cars are like our second homes. Though we never really think of it in that way, it gives us comfort, shelter, relief from pending problems when on a drive and serves our purpose on several instances. it would be nice to think of your automobile as your ‘home on the move!’

When we talk about owning assets too, our instant thought is always real estate - which is very much justified, but besides that you next best choice is sure to be your very own automobile. An automobile today, holds great value, not only for collateral in case of loans, but for many other uses as well. With your automobile, planning unscheduled trips that may not have been possible at one point of time, now becomes a definite possibility, shopping becomes easier with respect to easy transport and also considering the space in which you can keep your purchases and simply driving around to get your mind off a few issues.

Owning a car is a necessity today, irrespective of whether you have the money to buy one or not. However, today owning your first car is no longer a matter of concern because people nowadays feel more comfortable with 2 or 3 cars of their own. Automobiles are more like a qualification for living in society. So even if you haven’t got the finances to assist you in buying the car you’ve always wanted or to buy your second car, fret not, coz we’ve got it for you through Secured Auto Loans.

Secured Auto Loans can be used to fund a brand new car or even a used one. They are currently the best and most economical source of funding your automobile. Choosing a Secured Auto Loan, however, is not so easy because of the huge competition in the market – each lender seems to be shining brighter than the other. Without educating yourself about the current rates and terms in the market, it’s definitely a lost world out there, so take a few minutes and read on. . .

With Secured Auto Loans, you need to pledge collateral of comparable value. Value of your collateral must be more or less equivalent to your loan amount. Secured Auto Loans are very easily available to homeowners because of the equity in your home. Because of collateral, lenders freely choose to ignore any additional fees and offer you lower interest rates and longer loan terms, thus making you repayments affordable.

  • Secured Auto Loans are short-term loans whose loan terms vary between 3 and 5 years, i. e. you are expected to repay the entire loan within this short time frame. A loan term longer than this may reduce your monthly payments but is not advisable since a car’s value depreciates rapidly.

  • The amount that can be borrowed depends on the automobile you wish to purchase and also on the amount you can put into it, from your pocket.

  • With Secured Auto Loans, you can drive your car while making your payments. Moreover, repayments begin after a 30-day grace period.

  • Credit requirements are not very stringent with Secured Auto Loans since collateral makes up for any negative effect. However, there still are a few standards you must be aware of: Lenders usually require a credit score of at least 680 for prime rates. Individuals with a high credit score have their pick of lenders, while those who don’t, have only a select number of lenders willing to work with them.

  • Secured Auto Loans not only fund the purchase of your vehicle but also financially assist you maintaining the car, painting it, making few modifications and repairs, servicing it and also fund a few accessories, your music system, etc.

    Few things that you must remember:

  • Being absolutely sure about which automobile you want to buy speeds up your loan process. Determine the amount that you can invest from your pocket since taking a 100% loan is not advisable.

  • Before applying fro your loan, look for the best and prominent automobile dealers in the market. Negotiate with those dealers regarding discounts and free accessories with the vehicle.

  • When signing documents, make sure to clarify points that are not understood by you, to avoid future complications. Read fine print carefully. Make your down-payment and drive away in the comfort you’ve always wanted.

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