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In today’s highly competitive society, it is normal to see service providers fight amongst each other in an attempt to retain their existing customer base and, at the same time, get others to use their services. Providers vying for the attention of the same target market need to come up with ways to attract the consumer and entice them to sign up. This form of healthy competition is evident everywhere and these are usually manifested in the form of “promotions” or “special offers”. Food and beverage establishments as well as retail outlets are those that commonly use this technique. Lately, credit card companies have jumped in on the bandwagon and have started offering consumers with enticing treats as well.

Credit card companies usually offer new subscribers waived annual fee for the first year. Since almost all companies now provide this service, major card companies had to come up with other promotions that would appeal to their target market. There are promotions such as 0% APR on Balance Transfers (which would appeal to those who would want to consolidate their bills in just one credit card), Cash Back Rebates, Mileage Points, Rewards Points, and several others.

Information on these offers can be obtained from the banks itself. They usually have flyers or brochures which explain how these offers work and how you would benefit from these. If you were to rely mainly only on these collaterals, you would have to collect these from various banks. That’s not much of a problem, but filtering through all the text just to get to the meat of the matter may cause your head to swirl. Next is the tedious task of having to list down all the benefits and compare these, apples to apples. This process takes time, and in today’s very hectic world, time is always of the essence. If you want to see all the best deals offered by credit card companies all at one glance, then go to special credit card related websites on the internet. These sites have been launched primarily to give consumers more information on credit card services. In addition to the basic data, these sites also list down the benefits you can expect to receive in bullet points, thus making it easier to read and compare information. There are also links to the official credit card websites so cross referencing would also be faster.

If, after going through the information on these credit card-related websites, you decide that a specific card has rates and promotions that best suit your lifestyle and financial capabilities, you don’t have to call a representative of that card company just to request for the requisite application documents. You may apply directly through the same website. By clicking on a link found underneath credit card information, you will instantly be directed to a different webpage and be given directions on how to apply for that specific credit card. After you’ve submitted your information, a representative will then contact you within 24 hours to verify the data you have given and, possibly request for additional supporting documents.

Gloria Smith owns and runs the Cards Ratings website, where you will find over 100 credit cards to choose from. After comparing credit card offers, Card Ratings allows you to apply for the credit card of your choice by clicking the Apply Online button. All applications are secure, and in many cases you will receive a response right away. To find the best credit card promotions out there, please visit-:


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