The Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Options That You Have To Lower Your Debt

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You have numerous alternatives to minimize your debt that has a poor credit history. None of them can solve your credit problems in a jiffy. But they can certainly help you to consolidate your financial position. A loan for debt consolidation will simultaneously help in lowering interest rates as well as bring a reduction in your monthly payments. Such a program negotiates lower interest rates and services your debt.

Loan for debt consolidation

This term refers to either a home equity loan or a loan for personal use to repay unsecured debt (including credit cards) and your bills. The purpose of a home equity loan is to deduct your interest from your taxes.

Both types of loans allow you to negotiate terms for smaller payments over a longer period of time. But the catch is that it makes you pay more in interest. Another prime concern of yours is whether your debt consolidation loan has lower interest rates than what you are paying at present.

Program for consolidation of debt

By negotiating lower fees with your creditors and administering payments, these programs service your debt. The same low interest rate on bills will be given to you by all debt consolidation companies as the creditors have already predetermined the rate. The difference between the companies results from their customer service charge for following through with accounts and from the amount they charge as fees.

A debt consolidation program proves to your creditors that you are bound to repay your debts.2 years down the line; you can improve your credit to the extent of being able to apply for new loan or even a loan against mortgage.

Settlement of debt and bankruptcy

When you cannot afford debt consolidation fees or when you are lagging behind on payments for several months, you may think of debt settlement or bankruptcy. Both options will result in a reduction of either the whole or part of your debt. However do not consider this choice lightly. Either of the options will make your credit suffer for several years. But if you are trapped in dire financial constraints, you have these options in hand to pull you out of trouble.

You have to take a careful and realistic look at your finances in order to decide the best option for you. Ideally you want to repay your loans and bills to reduce harming your credit. A loan for debt consolidation usually has the minimum impact. Close on its heels comes a debt consolidation program. Your credit history will be burdened for 7 – 10 years if you use debt settlement or bankruptcy.

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