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Students also can own a car provided some conditions laid down by lenders are fulfilled. To take student car loans is a very simple and hassle free as the loan is especially tailored for students. They can ask for the loan for buying any car model either new or old one.

Student car loans are secured loans. If a student has no property to take the loan against, the very car the student intends to buy can serve the purpose of security of the loan. The lender may take in his possession deal papers of the car and will return only when the loan is fully paid back. The student meanwhile continues to use the car as its owner.

Because the loan is a secured type of loan, bad credit of a student does not count much in the way of availing the loan. In case of the payment default the lender can sell the car to recover the loaned amount. Thus the lender has no risk in offering student car loans to bad credit students.

However a student having good credit will be in a better position in taking student car loan at lower interest rate while bad credit student may be offered the loan at slightly higher interest rate. Lenders may also relax some terms-conditions for good credit students. There is no requirement from the lenders that the loan should be co signed. This makes the loan easier for a student.

The amount one can borrow depends on the car model one intends to buy and the matching repayment capacity. So see how much of a down payment can you make to the car seller so that there is lesser loan that you ask your lender.

After student car loan is approved and the money to buy car is in your hands, can you buy the car from anywhere? Well very few finance companies allow buying from anywhere. Most of the financing companies have arrangements with car dealers often with franchise ones. Dealers can help you in finding the car model you are looking for.

Before settling for a lender, make an extensive search on internet for the right lender and compare different loan packages on offer. Compare interest rates and terms-conditions for a better deal. Student car loan gives you access to the necessary finance for owning a car but pay off the loan in time to avoid pitfalls.

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