Money (Only Two Sources For Obtaining Your Share)

Harry McDuffee

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Money is something that everyone needs to pay their bills. Gone are the days when we could get by without money. Everything revolves around how much money you have as to what you can have. What kind of lifestyle are you living? How many cars are in your driveway? Are the cars in your driveway less than 2 years old and is at least one a top of the line BMW, etc. They used to say, ‘Money is not everything’. Now You Can Not Even Buy Love Without It!?

The more dependent we become on the Almighty Dollar it seems it becomes that much harder to get a hold of. Everyone these days is trying to figure out how to make more and have more. It just seems enough just is not enough. It seems justifiable to max out our credit in order to live a better lifestyle. We all want to live in better neighborhoods so our kids can attend better schools. But sooner or later the bills start catching up and we do not know what we can do. We Need To Learn About Money – Most Important Thing To Learn Is the True Sources of Money – There Are Only 2!

To obtain money the first source we need is time. There is no such thing as a Money tree. Money does not grow on trees, it is not hiding in the bushes, and there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’. If you and I are going to get our share of money then we are going to have to look to the source of time. Time Invested Will Bring Us Our Share of the Money That Is Ours To Claim!

One aspect of time is building our business using other people’s money. We may need to establish a line of credit in the beginning to build our business. This is something we need to be very careful with but can be a great way to get the business going and established. Many people have started their business this way. I have a quote for you, “It Is Hard to For Get a Woman When You Buy Her a Gift on Time!” Credit (Time) Can Buy You the Time You Need to Get Your Business Established!

All of us need to realize that there is no such thing as getting rich overnight. But we can become very rich Over-Time. It takes time and patience to build anything whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. Another quote for you, “Rome Was Not Built in a Day!” Everything Takes Time!

When it comes to building a building first you must level the ground, build the foundation, etc. Literally you must start the building from the ground up. Have you ever seen a building built any other way? By the time the building is built a certain period of time has elapsed. It Takes Time to Build A Building or Anything Else!

In order to build your Home-Based Business you must put in a reasonable amount of time and start from the ground up. You must learn your business. What does it take to build this business? What is your investment? Are there going to be business models or those that can teach you what they did to build their business? You Need A Blue-Print of the Step-By-Step Procedure!

Here is another quote for you, “Time Is on Your Side and Time Is All You Have. ” I do not know about you but I have more money than I have time is true. Time can be our friend or it can be our worst nightmare. Time is definitely 1 source for obtaining Money!

Invest a reasonable amount of time into your business to allow it to germinate. A Network Marketing Business as an example needs a good 3 to 5 years. If you have the proper marketing tools to build (market) your business then 3 to 5 years can build you a very lucrative Network of people. Now this Brings Me to the Second Source for Obtaining Your Share of Money!

The second source and final source to obtain money is People! People needing people is a very important concept. There was a song some years a go about ‘people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. ’ Everyone Needs to Be Needed and No One Who Is Anyone Has Ever Done It Without People!

The rich people got that way because of other people in their lives. There are greedy rich people that made theirs off the backs (so to speak) of people. But those rich snobs do not have a clue. Those who get rich in spite of other people or off the backs of people are the unhappy rich snobs that are really poor, poor in spirit. They Have No Conscience!

Now let us look at the concept of people needing people as a source of obtaining money the right way. We all have services, products, something to sell. Who are we going to sell our product, service, etc. to? Another idea is we are also buyers and who are the people we are going to buy our goods from? We are all people who are needing other people are we not? People Are Our Only Source From Which We All Must Turn!

One of the biggest fears people have in building a Network Marketing Business is talking to other people about their business. Why is that? Who else is there to market our business to but other people? Someone must be on the receiving end if someone is going to give an opportunity. There is the sharer and the share-e. Some Will, Some Want, So What, Next!

There are people out there that are looking for what you have they just do not know it yet. Until you strike up a conversation with them you will not know who they are. We all talk to other people everyday of our lives we just need to learn to bring our business into the conversation naturally. Make friends of people and they are more apted to listen. Build Relationships Based On Trust!

There are only 2 sources for obtaining money, Time and People. Given a little or much time and factor people into the equation and you can have all the money you will ever need to have the lifestyle you want to have. Do not let your time or people be taken away and you will never have a problem of lack of money. Obtain Your Share of the Money from the Only 2 Sources from Which She Comes!!

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