Entertainment Mishaps – Is Your Home Covered?


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If you’re like many Americans, you like to provide some kind of entertainment at your home every now and then. Maybe you enjoy preparing big meals and throwing a dinner party once a week. Maybe you have a huge backyard deck or patio and are known for your summertime cook-outs. Whatever the entertainment is, there is one thing all forms of home entertainment have in common – there are guests on your property.

You need adequate homeowner’s insurance.

Providing entertainment at your home for your family members and friends is supposed to be fun – and, it usually is. However, we know accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. One of your dining room chairs might have a wobbly leg, causing Great Aunt Alice to topple to the floor and fracture a hip. One of your deck planks may be loose, causing your neighbor, Bob, to trip, spilling hot dog chili all over his wife’s new blouse and spraining his ankle. Having adequate homeowner’s insurance will help you during these times of entertainment gone wrong.

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t usually required, unless you’ve borrowed money to pay for your home and your lender requires you to purchase homeowner’s insurance. For this reason, many people avoid the extra bill each month by not purchasing homeowner’s insurance. Of course, some of those people regret that choice when, for example, accidents happen during routine entertainment.

Remember, purchasing an adequate homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t a substitute for good home maintenance, especially is you frequently provide entertainment at your home. Check those chair legs. Inspect those deck planks. Make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the yard that the neighbor’s kids can get into. But, as discussed above, accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. Regardless of regular maintenance, an accident could occur. Purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy not as your main line of defense against accidents, but as your back up when all else, such as regular home maintenance, fails.

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Is Your Home Covered If Lightning Strikes?
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