Who Else Wants to Know What the IRS's CP 2000 Notice Is?

Cassandra Ingraham

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There are three types of IRS audits; correspondence, office and field.

Depending on which audit IRS selects for you can produce very different results. This article is about the IRS Correspondence (CP2000) Audit. If you have been notified about a field or office audit it would be best to look in the yellow pages for an Enrolled Agent if you don't have a year round Tax professional.

If you have received a CP2000 in the mail, the first thing to do is breath deep, not to worry, prepare a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and READ the CP-2000. This form looks very intimidating, however, once you actually read the pages you will understand exactly what must be done. But WAIT.

It is our strong suggestion that you contact your Tax Professional. The reason is simple. A CP2000 is a Correspondence Audit. This is when IRS request that you mail information or documents instead of meeting with you. This method of auditing is used to verify such things as real estate sales, itemized deductions and other information concerning deductions. It may have been a small error in the preparation of the taxes that resulted in a big adjustment or it may be a mistake on IRS's part concerning your deductions and or dependents.

If IRS is correct, it is best for your Tax Professional to receive this information. Because once its established that IRS is correct - they (IRS) will want to know how you plan to pay your tax liability, assuming there are taxes owed. At that very point in the communications, you will need a tax professional to help you tell IRS the truth and still have a reasonable amount of disposable income remaining each month for whats left of your social life.

When you receive communications from IRS that you don't understand, contact your Tax professional. If IRS sends you communications that requires your signature, run, not walk, to your Tax professional.

Cassandra is a Registered Tax Professional and Instructor for Basic Tax Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her online tax services provides basic tax resolution. Visit http://www.taxeswilltravel.com for more information.


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