6 Benefits to Financing a Small Business With a Credit Card


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Starting a small business without the aid of a credit card can be quite stressful. Since business expenditures can be add-up to significant tax deductions, it is imperative to separate personal expenses from work-related charges. Aside from the tax savings, a business credit card represents expanded options; particularly with the right card.

As with any financial product, not all business credit cards are the same. An annual statement is a popular feature of most business credit cards. Tallying up business related products and services are made simple with the convenience of recorded statements. Nevertheless, a good business credit card should have other features besides a balance sheet. Here are other features, to look for in a small business credit card:

  • An exceptional credit line

  • A low preferred business APR

  • Extra business credit cards for employees

  • Customizable business checks

  • Custom cards with your business name

  • Complimentary online account management

    All of the above features can be mission critical to starting and conducting business. Review the following six benefits to finance a new company on a business credit card:

    1. Easy Expenditure Tracking

    Depending on the credit card company, a record of all transactions may be available annually or by request only. Small business credit cards offering free online account management is an important feature. The ability to check transactions and manage online payments simplifies bookkeeping. The same record can be used during tax-time to calculate profits and earnings.

    2. Finance Business Needs With a Low APR

    A low preferred business APR can ease the transition of being paid by new clients and covering unforeseen expenses. The financial stresses of starting a new small business can hinder productivity. Be it the cost of renting or buying new equipment, immediate expenditures can wreak costly distress on any business. A business credit card with a low APR can help offset the pangs of paying a balance over time versus right away. The best business credit cards offer a 0% introductory APR.

    3. Control Employee Spending

    To ensure that employees are conscientious about the company budget, additional business credit cards may control their spending. A business credit card with online management and additional credit cards enables a small business owner to track spending, maintain records and receipts. During conventions, Bill Amato’s sales representatives put in long hours. To compensate and track their meals, each of his employees has a company credit card. Bill uses Advanta business cards because it allows him the ability to control employee expenditures by tracking their spending transactions online.

    4. Manage Client Expenses

    For simple account management, small business owners can pay for products and services using a business credit card check. For instance, Jane Brody, proprietor of an event management company uses business credit card checks to pay for additional client expenditures. Since the checks are customized to her business and then made payable to the supplier for a specified job and client, she is able to track and tack on any additional fees to each customer’s invoice. Not to mention, each client is billed for late payment transaction fees.

    5. Ensure Business Productivity

    An exceptional credit line is useful for the fast growing small business that has to cover travel, new technology and other expenditures. A robust credit line can be the difference between staying in business and going out of business. The inability to access a line of credit without depending on a small business loan, can bring a growing company to a screeching halt.

    In the case of new franchise owner, Jim Denko his new small business was just beginning to return an investment. On the down side, Jim required a line of credit so that he did not have to dip into the family’s money market account and emergency reserve. Because Jim was qualified for a small business credit card, he was approved with a generous line of credit. The availability allowed him the freedom to test out new inventory for his franchise.

    6. Take Advantage of Extras

    The ultimate business credit card can be found in the “extras. " For instance, certain business credit cards come with amazing discounts and special incentives. These advantages can add up to savings. Perfect example, Advanta business credit cards, not only come with a healthy credit line, the credit card is devised for small business owners to be successful. Many popular business credit cards feature generous cash back and travel rewards.

    Small Business Advice: To minimize confusing your personal cost with the costs of starting a new business, apply for a business credit card that provides you with the tools to run a profitable business.

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