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There are good credit cards and then there are bad credit cards. While credit cards can be very beneficial to many consumers, some credit cards may not be for every type of consumer. Here are some tips on credit cards to avoid.

Usually secured credit cards are not for everyone. Secured credit cards are when you open a bank account and deposit money into it, in which the credit card will give you a specific limit for. Secured credit cards are great tools for people with no or poor credit history, but can be expensive and not practical for consumers with a solid credit history and good credit rating.

For people looking for reward credit card offers, make sure you read the fine print, rewards offers are not for everyone. You can spend lots of money chasing rewards that may be worthless, do some homework and realistically think if you will be using the card enough to qualify for valuable rewards.

Low introductory interest rate credit cards can be a disaster in disguise for some consumers. Many low introductory interest rate offers last for six months or one year, which is great, but once the time period has ended, the interest rates might rise suddenly. You can be stuck with lots of credit card debt and a high interest rate to boot.

Store credit cards can sometimes be cards to avoid as well. Store credit cards are usually only allowed to be used at certain stores, which is fine. However store credit cards can have high interest fees and you can usually purchase the same items with your own standard credit card with a lower fee.

Remember, if you are applying for a credit card, do your homework and think about how you will use it. Not all credit cards fit each person’s specific situation and should be avoided.

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