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The main Computers and Technology category is for all Computers and Technology related articles that do not fall into a specific subcategory below. Examples include articles about or concerning Computer & Technology History, Technology Trends, General Computer & Technology Tips, Tricks and Advice.
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Microsoft Has Decided to Drop Support for Windows 98

 Mickey Lieberman (January 02, 2007)  Are you aware of the fact that on or about July 11, 2006 Microsoft will be dropping support on Windows 98? If you are still using Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE, make sure you have all the updates that you want or think you need. Speaking from personal experience, on March 31, 2006, something got messed up on my computer and after spending some time trying to resolve the problem, it was .. (Computers and Technology)

Farming WoW Gold - Fast and Simple

 Jim Franks (January 02, 2007)  Farming gold in WoW: a very common need. But who wants to spend all their time running around trying to get gold just so they can buy the things they need to enjoy the game? Not me. And probably not you either. So what we'll be looking at are some ideas of how to get gold in Warcraft without spending every waking moment doing it. There's really one key idea: Buy low, sell high This is .. (Computers and Technology)

Custom Software vs Off-the-shelf Products

 Rod Morris (January 02, 2007)  There are two broad categories of software. One is the off-the-shelf product which is ready to roll the minute you slide the installation CD in the drive and the other is software which is built to your specification. There is a world of difference between the two and the usability of the two types is also considerably different. A quick look at the core differences between the two can .. (Computers and Technology)

PSP Music Downloads

 Paul Turner (January 02, 2007)  PSP music downloads can be obtained from several place online, but some make it easier than others, and quality varies greatly The purpose of this article is to tell you how you go about filling your PSP with MP3 music tracks. Bear in mind that the procedure is the same for downloading movies and games. To do this you will need a way of connecting your PSP to your PC (a cable is .. (Computers and Technology)

Preventing Identity Theft

 Jake Feuerbacher (January 02, 2007)  Identity Theft ran rampant in the year of 2006. We saw a record number of exposures of personal data, rounding out the top of the list with The Department of Veterans Affairs exposing more then 28 million records. Also in 2006, a milestone of 100 million victims had been exposed to some type of data breach. Were you one of those 100 million people? That amount of exposure tells us that . (Computers and Technology)

An Introduction to Nursing Software

 Keith Londrie (January 02, 2007)  The PDA or personal data assistant is among the most recent lightest and smallest and is an increasingly popular handheld device for the medical professional. They can execute many functions as desktop computers. There are two major operating systems for the PDA, mainly Palm OS and Pocket PC, which was previously known as Windows CE. At the present time, nursing software market is .. (Computers and Technology)

Top 3 Things to Optimize Your Computer

 Stephen Douglas (January 02, 2007)  Before you run out and buy a new computer because your current one is too slow, do these three things. Surprisingly few seek out to upgrade or give their computer a tune-up. Investing a little time and money will produce results you will find worth the invested time to do. In addition, they are so easy you can do them yourself. 1. Install more memory. Go to the computer manufacturer's .. (Computers and Technology)

Network Media

 Bob Oleander (January 02, 2007)  Network media is what is used to connect Point A to Point B. Most people think of media as cables, but air is also media for wireless devices. I will explain several different types of media - Coaxial cable, Unshielded Twisted Pair cable, fiber optic cable, and wireless media (air). Coaxial Cable Coaxial cable, also known as “coax", utilizes one wire. There is a copper wire in .. (Computers and Technology)

Wireless Networking

 Prabir Sen (January 02, 2007)  A wireless network is a communication facility that uses radio as their carrier or physical layer. The basic network consists of multiple stations communicating in a frequency range of 2.4GHz and 4.9GHz. Wireless networking is the state-of-art technology and an alternative to such networks which is hard wired by physical copper or fiber optic cables. Such a network has its advantages .. (Computers and Technology)

What To Choose A Pre-Built Or Framework Cms,Content Management System - Internet

 Prabir Sen (January 02, 2007)  Your website is the reflection of your business. Your opportunities depend upon how much reach you have to your present and future customers, with new contents and newer offerings, becoming available to you as the demand increases. Does your website convey these to your customers? Are you being able to create new opportunities? For your business to grow, it would need more than .. (Computers and Technology)

How to Add Media Files to Windows Media Player 11

 Josh Chandler (January 02, 2007)  Windows Media Player 11 is the new and easy to use Media Player from Microsoft. So you have downloaded this program and want to get started on adding files. Windows Media Player may automatically add files and folders but it tends to do these from the default folders such as ‘My Music’ and ‘My Videos’. You may however have files stored in other areas you may wish . (Computers and Technology)

Computer Performance - 7 Ways to Speed Up Windows Computers

 Anthony Brown Sr. (January 02, 2007)  Are you sick and tired of it taking forever to open a website, file or program? Did your computer seem to run a lot faster when you first got it? If your answers to these 2 questions were yes, then please read on. In this article I am going to give you tips to speed up your computer. They can all be done today, even if you are new to computers. The 7 steps that I am going to share with .. (Computers and Technology)

What Does Software Engineering Involve?

 Edeh Chijioke (January 02, 2007)  The first point that has to be made about software engineering has to do with its scope of activities. Software engineering is the management of the entire process of development of computer systems to solve problems. As software systems have grown more sophisticated and complex, software developers have sought new methods for their development. Software engineering is a response to .. (Computers and Technology)

What Is A Church Accounting Software And How To Buy One?

 Joann Grant (January 02, 2007)  A revered institution like church commands the general faith of the people and is widely looked upon with utmost respect. The faith of the people is what keeps the church performing its religious and secular welfare functions. Naturally, these activities need funds, which is provided by the Christians living world over. The contributions to the church run into billions of dollars. .. (Computers and Technology)

New Edgeline Printer Technology Could Revolutionize Office Printing

 Jim MacKay (January 02, 2007)  When purchasing printers or multifunction copiers for an office, trade-offs are typically made. Is the speed appropriate for a workgroup or a department? Is color or monochrome output sufficient? If color, would ink technology or the faster laser technology be better? Typically, if color output is needed, the user must decide between the photo quality of an ink technology or the .. (Computers and Technology)

Back Up Your Data or Suffer the Consequences

 Sean Caruthers (January 02, 2007)  Have you ever experienced a hard drive failure? Normally, your data can be recovered from a failed hard drive. Janet, a client experienced her first hard drive failure last spring, this is her story. Simply stated, Janet's computer overheated. And Janet got the blue screen of death. After the blue screen, her computer would not boot. All of the normal troubleshooting methods were .. (Computers and Technology)