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Main Reasons to Choose Flutter For iOS Development In 2019


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Mobile application development is enhancing day by day. New techniques and latest tools are turning mobile applications into an advanced and modern process. Now, mobile application developers have to engage with a lot of technologies including programming language, API, designing, etc to bring the high functional and enrich feature mobile applications.

Experts are continuously introducing new automation to the app development industry, and nowadays the flutter programming language has become a trend. There is a high demand for the Golang mobile app development service in the market.

Glance @ Flutter Programming Language

  • The flutter programming language is based on an open source feature.

  • This language is a framework, which is created by Google.

  • The flutter language used to develop the platforms for the Android and iPhone.

In 2019, iOS app development companies prefer to develop mobile applications with the flutter programming language only. The flutter programming language has become the preference of the iOS mobile app developers. This language has become one of the easiest integrated languages.

Today, in this blog we would be telling you that why flutter app development has become a trend of the app development process.

Reasons to opt Flutter App development for the iOS Development in 2019

1) Technical Structure: iOS development tools are launched by Apple. Now, flutter is the only tool that is launched by Google openly. On Apple development platform, you can only get the Swift programming development language whereas flutter mobile app developers can utilize the Dart programming language to complete the flutter code. Dart programming language helps to develop fast and offers powerful management.

2) Faster Development Process: Flutter app development is based on the faster app development process. As compared with Traditional compilers, the flutter platform supports a faster development process. Opt for the powerful programming language.

Basically, the Dart programming language is based on two modes:

  1. Compiled - It offers the best reload experience

  2. Interpreted - It helps in the compiling process.

3) Designing ( UI): The UI designing takes a lot of time of the iOS developers. It supports all the UI Kit features to the native support. It offers various features which include animation, drawing, painting, etc. To support developers and designers into the fastest process it also offers the concept of widgets.

4) Increase the Productivity of Developers: This is one of the best advantages of the Flutter app development. It helps to increase the productivity of the developers by saving their time. Developers don’t have to recompile the app, the changes can be instantly noticeable.

In flutter iOS development, most developers spend the timing while incorporating with Gradle tool, which is considered as a most useful tool in the development process. It takes a lot of time for the developers.

5) UI Testing System: Flutter bring strong UI testing support for the flutter developers. It also offers widgets testing feature, it helps to save time and also offers relevancy to the development process. Developers also get guidance on the development part on the documentation format. Apart, in marketing for the best testing process, it offers individual package named flutter driver which helps in all type of testing profiles.

Top Companies which opt for Flutter App Development

Flutter apps have become part of the top companies such as:

  • Google Ads

  • Alibaba (eCommerce)

  • Reflectly (Lifestyle)

  • Birch Finance (Finance)

  • Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)

  • Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness

  • Hookle (Social)

  • Watermaniac (Health & Fitness)

  • Cryptograph (Finance)

  • SG BusTracker (Maps & Navigation)


Now the best app development company has changed into the flutter development company. The reason that iOS development companies have opted for it because it has amazing features and offers the best existing system.

The flutter app has become the choice of the business world for their apple store. This is new but it compelled with various amazing and enriched features.


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