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Travel Industry Building Its Immunity With Artificial Intelligence


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The science and art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already racked up vital transformations in diverse industries.

The travel industry is no exception of many business verticals affected by AI. No doubt, the context of AI cannot be precisely defined.

But it’s base is associated with limitless fostering of the business processes and customer services in all dominant industries.

Bringing several innovative ideas into play, some of its major leagues are ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Neural Networks’, and ‘Chatbots’ to name a few.

With this, a constant progress in the travel industry through AI seems unstoppable.

This leads to many question marks on How to adapt to the new world brought to travellers by AI? Or Do the travel robots take over the world? Or Whether these type of AI technologies only help travellers find the best stay or best flight fares for their next holidays?

To solve all the above puzzles, it’s significant to know where exactly is the travel industry heading for a growth before we know about the AI technology making inroads in the travel industry.

AI is used to predict customer preferences, booking process, manage pre-trip and post-trip travel services along with increased personalization to deliver the best customer experience when they are on a trip.

It’s really interesting to go through the AI technologies that make the travel smarter.

The impressive uses of AI for travellers and travel business.

  • Chatbots

AI makes a real difference in the travel industry. Especially when we talk about the bots, it is always one step ahead in providing customer services.

For travel business

Chatbots makes the travel businesses to deliver the fastest online response times that even humans can’t match with.

Gone are the days when a customer representative needed to reply to the inquiries and comments manually on the blogs, social media posts or websites.

The customer-centric business needs to provide 24/7 customer support.

Through Chatbots, responses are much automated. The basic inquiries for information and the post-trip feedback from the customers are efficiently managed through Chatbots.

For travellers

The chatbots are highly powered in the instant messaging apps and social media to provide time-savvy travel services to the customers.

For instance, if the flight has been cancelled due to any reason, bots will not only update the customers on the cancellation but also provide the details for booking the immediate next flight.

  • Machine Learning

In current times, the voyagers expect the travel businesses to know them better.

The Machine Learning now makes it possible for the travel agencies, airlines, hotels and restaurants to offer a highly personalized service to their customers through travel deals and package based on their past experience with the customer.

For travel business

This type of AI technology helps to track and offer the exact travel preference of the customers. Moreover, it also helps to enhance the customer services with real-time hospitality.

The robotics technology that uses machine learning and speech recognition to serve the travel information to the visitors who converse with the robot is a game changer.

Through machine learning, the robot will also improve the quality of customer service with every interaction it makes with the visitors.

For travellers:

Through Machine Learning, ‘Let the computer plan my trip’ is what the travellers can confidently say when planning a trip.

The computer will help the travellers to book on the best-recommended destinations, enjoy the food in restaurant highly rated by others and much more.

One of the recent instances calls for a mention of Utrip, an AI-powered trip planning app.

Virtual Assistant

AI is also curbing the major issues of booking frictions, especially for the hotels, resorts and travel agencies.

For travel business

Eliminating the traditional concept of paper brochures, the VR headsets will give the customers a real-time feeling of the stay facilities that will be available at the hotel.

Improvise the conversion rates, a high degree of customer engagement, and highly personalize the complete traveller’s experience is very much eased out through Virtual Assistant.

Using the VR technology, the AI-powered in-room assistance is becoming a game changer for the enhanced travel & hospitality services for quick travel bookings and to deliver a personalized guest experience.

For travellers

The virtual assistant helps the travellers to surf the hotel services, check the latest tariffs, book a room, and get tourist tips. Hijiffy is the best example that uses AI technology in the best possible way.

  • AI Algorithms

Along with the front-end customer services, AI algorithms provides unbeatable solutions for data processing and data analysis.

It makes all effortless for what’s more crucial in the database management.

For travel business

The application of AI algorithms proves best for data gathering, authenticating and interpreting the data to locate the exact conclusions on the decisions, pricing outlay, customer preferences, sales, and above all comes the profit margins.

The best part of AI is its capability to accurately perform the data sorting.

Which if performed by humans would end up with a lot of errors and a lot of time to sort out the data.

For travellers

Through AI algorithms, the guest or visitor can automatically get what they want without even making a phone call to the room service team in the resorts or hotels.

For example, if the algorithm knows that you prefer to have your dinner in your room when you come with your wife, the system will automatically display a special room menu with a bottle of champagne.

  • Digital Interactions

As the reply to the customer’s inquiries went all online, so did the customer service for travel bookings and at the reception desk to greet and assist the visitors on the room tariffs, city tours and much more.

For travel business

Through the conversational apps, the travel businesses need less human capital to solve customer queries and handle bookings.

A speedy reply to the customers can save time on hotel/flight bookings and even prove to be highly manageable at the time of increased customer leads during peak seasons.

For travellers

The visitors can simply converse on the travel app to research on the best flight fares, nearby hotels to the particular destination and much more.

For instance, a traveller can simply ask to show them the flight options for Thanksgiving from London to NY.

They can even ask to use the ‘frequent flyer miles’ when they make a purchase.

  • AI technologies in social media tools

When AI technologies are linked with social media tools, it becomes much transparent for the travel businesses to know the customer experience and for the travellers to speak out their travel experiences.

It touches on the sentiments of the travellers.

For travel business

Social media tools help to know on the frustration of the traveller who had their flight much delayed or a hotel stay which is a bit less than perfect.

The travel businesses can go an extra mile to win back the travellers trust.

They can cool down the sentiments of the travellers by supporting them to understand the situation, offer them discounts on the next purchase, providing them with the next immediate options etc.

For travellers

A fashionable notion to post all the travel memories in social media is highly trending especially among the travellers tribe.

Almost all the travel freaks have a habit to post photos in the social media apps. Be it a solo travel, a family on a trip, a single day tour, or even a so-called ‘world trip’’.

From booking the flight tickets, hiring a guide, booking a cab, to booking a hotel room, all are rated and reviewed majorly in the social media apps.

Be it tweeting your review about the ambience in vintage style restaurant, or making an Instagram post on a picture with the Leaning Tower Of Pisa or posting a Facebook feed with every capture revealing a bliss time eating a chocolate ice cream.

It can also be considered to reach a time wherein the social media apps will be the only thing from where the travellers can book their whole trip.

Hence, the list goes on for the different AI technologies increasing its usage in the travel industry. So! The growth in the travel industry is constant. But what changes is the different travel patterns of customers?

Shedding some lights on enhancing the travelling patterns

There should be a fine balance between the automation and the genuine human interactions to make the travel business a success.

The booking patterns are coming out of the ‘click, type, and tap’ for booking flight tickets, hotel rooms or reserving a dining table in a restaurant.

It has highly overtaken the booking pattern with the voice assistance, messengers, social media and other digital platforms.

Same is the case with changing the travel patterns of ticketing. The AI-powered virtual ticket booths are slowly making space in most of the rail stations across the globe.

Closing thoughts:

With the prevalence of AI continuing to rise in the upcoming times, it has its own set of merits and demerits.

Artificial Intelligence is still fresh and new for the travel and hospitality industry.

There are numerous bugs yet to be sorted out and worked on. This technology is still maturing to provide travellers with a user-friendly personalized experience to book and plan their trip online.

Also, the travel business needs a filtered and optimized way to easily adapt the AI technology in the business processes.

The merits of AI technology overrides these minor loopholes to penetrate into the travel industry and deliver highly personalized travel services to the voyagers.

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