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Benefits of Best App for Business Cards

Bruce Markey

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Business cards are one of the best and inexpensive ways to advertise a business and gain potential customers. They are usually small and can be handed over to a customer to create a first impression.

In the earlier days, business cards were made of paper, which has of course become obsolete now due to technology taking over a lot of things. But, the concept of business cards does exist and it has not changed now. Handing over business cards have become a social custom and it is essential for any business to network his business through them. Many people even consider them as a symbol of status. Usually, business cards made of paper are really handy and people could carry them and hand it over to anyone they meet. This helped the customers too, as one needn’t search for a paper and pen to jot down someone’s number. Unlike, flyers and brochures which people throw away after reading them; the business cards can be stored in the wallets or purse and used whenever a need arises. Though these kinds of cards are still in existence, people have started growing along with the technology. Digital business card has made business quite easy. This rapid shift from paper to digital shows how online marketing and online businesses has become quite popular and advantageous.

But, business people have their own ways of sharing their business information virtually. With the growing trends, people have started using smartphones and tablets, which are being used innovatively by business owners to share their business cards.

To the amazement of many, there are many IT companies who have come forward with best apps for iPhones, Android phones and other smart phones, which can be used to share one’s details within minutes, with anyone and anywhere. Here are a few benefits which everyone should understand about the best apps for business cards.

Benefits of Best Apps for Business Cards

These apps are best useful in developing virtual cards which can be shared with anyone, everyone and anywhere!

Today’s world is suffering, as there is deforestation happening and there is a lot of global change happening. Actually, people are advised to go slow on the use of paper as wood and trees are being utilized to make them. So, many companies have come up with these apps which are more ecological way of sharing information. These apps for business cards don’t need any inks or papers to produce highly innovative cards.

And, moreover, if these cards are printed in a paper, they have to be transported to the concerned person, which in turn would add up to carbon footprint. But, using digital cards would be advantageous as one needn’t worry about any shipment and carbon footprint.

Not only for ecological reasons, but also carrying physical cards can be a tedious task. At times, people would have stacks of business cards with them and searching a business contact among them would be an unimaginable task for them. But, using the best apps available in the market, one can search for a person’s information with just a click.

A business owner who needs to share his information needn’t carry his card in his wallet. At times, there is the possibility of forgetting to carry the card and losing a potential customer as the card can’t be handed over. But, using digitized cards is easier and the information of a business can be passed with just a click.

These apps are quite cheaper compared to paper cards. One needs to pay only once to download the best app, but printing and re-printing a paper card would be a costly affair.

This also saves a lot of time. One needn’t approach a printer, spend time in choosing the design, then proof reading the card time and again, and again go to the printer to collect the card. But in the case of a digital business card app, the downloading and designing can be done online, which saves a lot of time.

NamastHey offers the best app for business cards to improve one’s social and business networking and to stay connected with family and friends. To read more about business cards, you may visit

best app for business cards

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