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Top Game With Cash Prize

Sadia Asad

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Angry Family Bump ET

I have been playing this game nonstop since I downloaded it for $0.99 the other week. I have a Play Station 3 and I have abandoned the blasted thing for this game, it’s that addictive. Also, there is a whopping $25,000 prize if you get the top score which is pretty amazing! In fact, for those who will be eating my proverbial gaming dust there is also $15,000 for second place and $10,000 for third place.

So, what about the game? I hear you ask. Well it is a colorful, almost like cartoons, user friendly, blast down buildings type of game. The fun starts immediately and the control method is intuitive and very, very familiar. You control a family who are fighting against an invading hoard of aliens. These aliens take refuge beneath a series of increasingly complete structures, which collapse when impacted by your character who is catapulted across the sky.

Its war! Blast those alien buildings and as they collapse they smash the aliens to smithereens. However, it is not as simple as that… with each destructive family cannon ball that collides with the buildings you receive various bonuses all dependent on how destructive the shot was. These bonuses allow for greater destructive effects and more carnage and so more points.

I keep trying to blast my high score across all levels, no easy task I will tell you, In fact, that is one challenging target to achieve as it is easy in the early levels but the later levels are serious challenge, and addictive yet frustrating! I keep coming back and yes, I have had the odd rage quit, I must admit, but I end up loading it straight back up and try again.

Let’s talk about the control method. The controls are very easy to use and really familiar because so many games now use the same touch screen control. Quite frankly, all you do is slide and fire but that does mean it is so, so easy to use. This helps with the additive nature of the game, so easy to pick up and play.

My goodness me is this game great. Fast paced, the right level of difficulty, weird and wonderful puzzles, fun graphics, funky sounds (even if it sound like a Mario Bro. game on acid!) and most importantly a $25,000 top prize! Win, Win , Win.

To be fair, if you want me to be impartial, then I could say the game is a little like a few others currently on the market. There is a lot of smash the buildings down games on iTunes to download. That said, for $0.99 you can’t lose can you? So, it is similar to a few others… what the hell it’s so damn addictive!

Grab yourself this great game, see if you can get a cash prize for the top three scores and if you don’t win the cash prize can guarantee that it will drive you crazy.


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