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Angry Alien Smash and Grab

Sadia Asad

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Angry Family

Love the name of this game. Angry Family Bump! What does that mean? I can see why they call their game Angry Family Bump. However, you do fire your Brown family member through the air and smash him into some buildings. However, these buildings do contain a series of increasingly ingenious, cowardly alien critters that are sheltering from your wrath.

So the game does have a feeling of nostalgia about it. When you play it you will find yourself able to play without reading any of the instructions because they are so intuitive and familiar. The menu is a pretty standard style of menu and gives you the information you need.

What is so different about this game is that there is a cash prize available for the top scores. Can you believe that! A cash prize for playing a phone app! There is $50,000 worth of prizes up for grabs for the top 3 high scores with $25,000 of that prize fund going to the highest of high scores.

That is pretty amazing but I will be honest with you this game is serious challenging, in fact, don’t both hoping for that prize fund unless you are a seriously committed gamer, and I mean a seriously committed gamer.

As for the game itself… well it is fast, fun, difficult, puzzling and out and out smashing fun! I mean smashing as in smashing down buildings and not the rather quaint English expression… “I say, how smashing!” No, No, No… this game is all about the smashing!

So, you have to whack down the buildings (that the little critters I mentioned above were hiding beneath each levels gets more challenging and in some of them you really do need to have a good think about physics to anticipate where the buildings will fall when they collapse. That is not as easy as you would imagine and you really do have to think about this game and how objects will react to damage.

Reading some reviews there is some comparison to other games, but I say what the hell, Hollywood hasn't made an original film in years! Any good game will attract interest from other developers and this game rocks! The cannon ball games are popular and nothing new from a development point of view but neither is the first person shooter and how many of them do we get thrown at us?

As the game progresses so does the difficulty and I must say for $0.99 you can’t get better value. I did a little research and the game has some serious downloads and is growing for the cash prize $50,000. So I am hoping for a sequel very soon. Keep up the good work guys.


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