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Why you should outsource iPhone appplications development to VirtualEmployee


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The revolutionary iPhone has become so much a part and parcel of our lives today that many people call the present the iPhone era instead of the digital era. One of the reasons that life without an iPhone has become unthinkable are the splendid iPhone apps – hundreds and thousands of them – that are making our life simpler in any way we can think of, starting from social networking, to lifestyle, to business, to education. It's not a smartphone that is making the world sing the iPhone song, but a very powerful device that is still evolving, and will continue to evolve as long as iPhone apps are being developed.

A conservative estimate is that the present size of the iPhone apps market is $ 2.4 billion a year. It's no wonder then if those who have iPhone apps development in mind are not wasting any time but rolling up their sleeves and getting down to get the job done. If even you have an iPhone apps development project in mind, you must have realized by now that in order to survive in this fiercely competitive market, you have to deliver better – even just-as-good won't do – apps than your competitors from around the world, at lesser cost.

This is where the concept of outsourcing enters the scene. Any industry we look at today, from insurance to software development, outsources its projects or processes for the best results at lowest is costs, and the iPhone apps industry is no different. It would, therefore, be a sensible business decision if you outsource your iPhone apps development project to India, which is the world's favorite outsourcing destination today. And outsourcing to India, with its low-cost and vast talent pool, is actually not as tough as it seems, what with the many outsourcing services vendors – such as, VirtualEmployee – you can hire as your outsourcing partner.

With the vendor we just mentioned – – the kind of services you get will make sure that that your outsourcing endeavor is smooth sailing all the way, with the kind of cost-effective, quality results that you expect from one of the best outsourcing vendors in the country. Starting from helping you hire your virtual dedicated employee (virtual dedicated iPhone apps developer, that is) to making sure work on your project goes on uninterrupted through its entire life-cycle. A virtual employee is your very own dedicated resource who works only for you, from this remote vendor's office.

To start with, VirtualEmployee starts shortlisting iPhone apps developers for you to interview and choose from. The company knows that the top three qualities to keep an eye out for
(1) Creative thought process; (2) Analytical thought process; and (3) Progressive and future-proof thought process.

When, based on these three qualities, potential virtual dedicated employees are shortlisted, it is then your job to interview them (make them write a technical test if you want) and decide who to hire. Post hiring, provides your virtual dedicated employees with an office equipped with the latest technology, software, and communications infrastructure. So, not only do you hire the cream of the lot, but also save money that you'd have spent to set up an office.

Another advantage you have when working with VirtualEmployee is that you get to concentrate on just the project and your core competency (developing iPhone apps) and your outsourcing company takes care of all other administrative processes and paperwork. That does in no way mean that you are not in control of your virtual dedicated employee. In fact, when on the job, your virtual dedicated employee reports to you, asks you for his deadlines and targets, posts his queries and doubts on your desk, and it is you who actually gets to decide his work-hours.

The one question you might have here is why a virtual dedicated employee instead of a low-cost freelancer?

That's because: (1) With a freelancer you'll be just one of the many clients he has, and that will reflect on the results he delivers; and (2) You're left stranded if your freelancer decides to quit your project when halfway through. To counter these red-flags, a dedicated remote employee hired through VirtualEmployee has to sign a service agreement and also a non-disclosure agreement. These two agreements make sure that your project never faces manpower shortage and your sensitive data is safe at all times.

These, and many more services VirtualEmployee offers to you for outsourcing your iPhone apps development project are precisely what has kept it going in the fierce competition in the outsourcing market, and there's no way it's letting its edge go. Even if it means, taking that extra step, walking that extra mile to make your project a success.


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