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Get Information about Apple Phone User Tracker/Locator App


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Who’s Around:

Ever wish to track your friends in real time? How? Check out this new apps Whois Around app. Whois Around iPhone app lets you share your location with your friends in real-time.

Are you wondering what’s so special about it? As we’ve by now seen a lot of location based services like foursquare, gowilla, facebook places, puntalo etc. Well, this new application differs from all the above mentioned applications. Because, it’s not just about sharing your location or checking in your whereabouts, instead by using Whois Around app you can track your friends in real time via GPS on maps. It’s like you’re tracking their real movements.

It’s Friday night. You’re out about town, carousing and dancing and fooling around. The fun sweeps you up, tossing you about from one hot spot to hot spot: you don’t realize which places you have gone and which places await you. You must go where the fun takes you. But a friend calls in the middle, getting off work: he’d like to meet you sometime tonight. How will he find you if you have no idea where you’ll be?

The latest app on iPhone, Whois Around, intends to offer a solution for just such a problem: tracking friends around town when they aren’t where they say they’re going to be. And it’s neat.

Who’s Around -

Clearly, there are other uses for this app, like meeting up on a hike or finding someone who is missing. No matter how you use it, though, Whois Around is a great addition to your store of iPod tools. And best of all: it’s absolutely free of charge.

We care about your privacy and have designed Whois Around in a way that makes it unfeasible for both us and others to know who actually hides behind a particular Whois Around ID. The whole service is focused on its main idea - nothing else.

Why Whois Around app should be your next download:

  • Only people who know your ID will be able to track you
  • Logged positions are by design deleted from the server after seven days
  • You can generate a new ID from within the iPhone app at any time which will make your previous ID and logs associated with it invalid
  • The whole service is completely anonymous and nobody will be able to link from an ID back to you - even we are unable to tell who actually hides behind an ID.
  • No personal information about you or your iPhone is transmitted to the Whois Around server


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