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iPhone Application Development: Kick the Butt with iPhone Apps


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iPhone apps have taken the world by storm, and you can find iPhone apps for anything you want. iPhone developers round the world have come up with a number of apps to help people quit smoking. This article list 5 of the best quitting apps for iPhone.

Mark Twain said once, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of time. ” Kicking the butt is easy, but it doesn’t stay kicked for long. Many of us are trying to give up smoking, but it’s one of the most difficult habits to break. Smoking kills millions of people every year, and while many try to give up smoking, quitting needs a lot of determination. There are more ways of giving up smoking than there are of smoking a cigarette, and one of the ways is using iPhone apps to stay on the right track and not light another cigarette.

70% of smokers said that they were trying to quit, and that’s a large number of people. Consequently, a many have focused their iPhone application development in create apps that help quitters. The following are the iPhone apps to download when you need help in kissing goodbye to smoking:

Quitter: It’s often the simple apps that do the trick. Quitter is an app that hits where it hurts; it shows how smoking not only hurts your body, but also your wallet. It doesn’t offer any great advice or motivation: you get to see how long you’ve been smoke-free and also how much money you have saved by not smoking. You need feed in the details regards you daily intake of cigarettes and how much a pack of that cigarette costs.

GottaKickit Now: If the name of the apps made you think that it’s not logical to quit smoking instantly, you will like this app. A good example of creative iPhone application development, this app lets you know when it time to smoke and you can smoke at that time; you it know you’ve smoked by flicking the lighter on the screen. The time between the cigarettes increases gradually, and at the end of the plan you will have (hopefully) quit smoking.

FixNixer: If you are the kind of person who needs to be motivated an inspired, this is the iPhone quitting app for you. You will keep getting inspirational messages on your phone: telling you that you can quit smoking! And it’s not just any random inspirational messages you get: you are required to fill FixNixer’s questionnaire and on the basis of your personal profile you’ll get messages that are most likely to affect you!

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson: Many smokers have quit using hypnosis and this app will help you quit by helping you get rid of habits that make you crave that cigarette. It’s a long process that promises complete freedom from the need to smoke, and it aims to turn you into a more relaxed and positive person. So, if you’ve been meaning to go to a shrink to get rid of smoking but never found the time, this app might serve your needs.

My Quitline: Mostly the apps that iPhone application development teams produce are geared t be automatic; they are expected to do their thing automatically and save human effort and time. But My Quitline brings a human touch to kicking the butt: you get to talk or chat with a trained smoking counselor. This is one app that’s been instrumental in convincing many smokers to quit.

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