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What are the signs that your computer has been hacked?

Leah Spencer

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When it comes to the safety of the files on your computer, you can never be too careful. In spite of your antivirus software and antimalware programs, your system can still succumb to possibility of getting hacked. Sometimes, it might time take you a long time for you to realize your computer has been hacked before which much damage gets done. Once your computer gets hacked, you must act quickly to restore your system. However, before that, if you are not sure, whether the computer is hacked or not, here are a few fool-proof signs you must not ignore.

Fake virus messages

Fake virus messages are one of the surest signs that tell your computer has been hacked. Usually by the time the fake virus messages pop on your screen and you start suspecting whether your computer has been hacked, the damage gets done. Clicking NO or CANCEL to stop the fake virus scan will be of little help because by that time, the malicious malware or virus would have already exploited your system.

Unwanted browser toolbar

When you browser suddenly pops up with new toolbars that you do not recognize, then it most probably a sure sign that your system is hacked. The new toolbar may indicate that it will be very useful and helpful but it will do just the contrary. Never accept to install toolbars in your license agreement when you install free software. It is easy for your computer to get compromised by toolbars.

Random popups

Random popups are another fool-proof sign that lets you known that your computer has been hacked. These popups are not generated by the websites you are visiting, rather by the malicious software in your computer. Your browser’s anti-popup gets compromised and you have to deal with your system getting hacked.

Online passwords changed

Sometimes, you get a phis email saying you need to change password. When you respond to this email, your online passwords can be collected by hackers and be used to steal your money. In this case, you will find your online passwords change suddenly and your online system compromised.

Redirected internet searches

When your computer is hacked, the hackers may redirect you to some other website than the one you intend to visit. This sign is not easily recognizable. If you suspect that your computer has been hacked, you can type a few common words in your internet search engine and check whether the website listed is the same every time.

Fake emails sent from your email account

If your friends receive fake emails from your mail account, there is a possibility that your computer has been compromised. This is not the same as the email attachment that plagued us as a decade ago. If your computer gets hacked, the malicious software may send fake emails to a few of your friends on the contact list. This means the malware retrieved the email addresses from the social media sites. These are usually incomplete and imply that your computer has not been compromised and is still safe.

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