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Software & Computers & Technology Article Category
Articles about or concerning Software and Operating Systems, Microsoft Products, Linux, Spyware and Anti-Virus Software, Adware and Malware, Business & Personal Software.
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Parental Control Filters and What They Block - Top 3 Internet Filters

 Richard Seng (June 10, 2007)  Are your children spending to much time on the computer. Is it impossible to get them to stop playing games? Do you have the time to sit there and supervise your children? Would it be nice for your children to just get up and leave the computer after an hour? You may want to consider using an internet filter software program on your home computers if you answer yes to any of these .. (Software)

Why Anti-Adware Is Necessary for Protecting Yourself and Your computer

 Ashley D. Bigham (June 09, 2007)  We’ve all had run-ins with adware. As an internet user, it’s quite impossible to be completely sheltered from it. The most common form is via pop-ups. You’re browsing along and hit a site that pushes those annoying, blaring ads to the top tab of your browser. “You’ve Won!” Well, you probably didn’t win something, but if you click on the ad you .. (Software)

Vista Prone To Hacking?

 Philip Nicosia (June 09, 2007)  Can it really be possible? Windows Vista, the newly released operating of Microsoft, is vulnerable to hacking? Yes, you heard it right. It is possible, according to Microsoft itself. Well, it appears that an audio podcast has the capability of hacking Windows Vista’s speech recognition feature. By using recorded audio commands, hackers can run malicious programs. Based on an .. (Software)

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